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I love to write lists. I didn’t know this about my self until very recently, and I’m always looking for good resources for D&D. Since I play and DM, I have a list of sites dedicated to both which I visit on a regular basis. For those who are new to the game, or are just looking to further your list of reading material, this small list might be of some interest to you. These won’t be in any kind of real order. I’m going to open up my bookmarks and start adding them to the list. So if you run one of these sites, or one of them is your favorite, don’t be mad if it falls close to the end. I’ll label each site as DM, Players, or Everyone so you know who the content is geared towards, though often the title of the site says it all.

#1. Points of Light : (Everyone)  This blog is always fun to read, and they update frequently with great articles. They often do reviews of product releases or DDI Content.

#2. Dungeons and Dragon Insider: (Everyone)  Almost everyone should know about this site already, but I think it deserves a mention.  Having a subscription to this is so amazingly helpful to both DMs and players. It’s like having a living D&D book, always updating with new feats, powers, hooks, and content. I know times are tough right now, but if you can afford it, get it.

#3. Fantasy Map Maker: (DMs) This sounds like a software site, but it’s not. It’s all maps, baby. It’s dedicated to free maps for fantasy worlds. So if you are a DM looking for great maps — need a map of a tavern on the fly? Not great with cartography software? Or just like maps?  This is a fun site with lots of free stuff!

#4. Cartographers Guild: (DM) Another map site, but this one is more for the map enthusiast. It’s a site for those dedicated to building quality maps for the purpose of enhancing role playing games. It has an amazing collection of maps for those who need ideas for the geography of their home brew world. Or those looking to learn how to make their own maps.

#4. Newbie DM: (DM) A huge resource for DMs! Lots of great ides for improving your game, making your own tokens, maps, and on and on. It has a great download section, and nice tutorial section with tips on creating campaigns, printing maps, and even making your own tiles. The author just released a new style of rpg for parents to play with their children.

#5. RPG Bloggers: (Everyone) This is a huge collection of bloggs all contributing to one site. None of the blogs are actually hosted on RPG Blogger, it’s more of a giant directory with update information about all of the blogs it lists. There is a huge section of podcasts (if you are into them), as well as a small break down of categories at the top of the page. This site has tons of links, and sometimes finding that diamond in the rough can take a while.

#6. Grey Wolf’s Lair: (Everyone) I have a lot of fun with this site. Grey Wolf is a graphic artist and a D&D addict. You might be able to infer from that description that you will find both of those on his page. He has some really off the wall ideas about the game and some fun CG content. I still can’t get the idea of a Gobladin out of my head. (He calls it a palagoblin, I call it a gobladin.)

#7. Dungeon’s Master: (DM) It’s not pretty but it’s full of great ideas. Tons of information on this site for DMs, information on skill challenges, reviews, adventure ideas, and articles that will give you some really good insight into the game.  (DMs with some for Players)

#8. Critical Hits: (Everyone) It’s kind of like RPG Blogger, but more diamonds and a lot less rough. Both are great sites, but Critical Hits is more like an online magazine with well thought out content and lots to offer. It feels very polished. They have great reviews, lots of fun editorials and a regular “staff” of authors who crit far more than they miss. (Players & DMs)

#9. DM’s Scribble notes: (DMs) This site is authored by a young man in Russia. It has some good content for managing your campaigns, building maps, and world building. It’s a very new site, much like my own, so content is light.

#10 Ben’s RPG Pile: (Everyone) This site is lots of fun. Pretty on the eyes and lots of pictures. If you want to please me with a website, give me lots of pictures to distract me. The site covers everything from story ideas to helpful tools for managing your game, and also a few loosely related RPG products. This site is worth checking out a couple times a week.

#11. Sly Flourish: (DM) To be honest I only learned about this site last night, but I have been reading through it all day. It’s got a crap ton of DM info, monster mods and other things to keep a DM busy for quite a while.

There are tons of sites that didn’t make my list. Some didn’t get listed because they belong on another list i will be posting later, some I just don’t read all that often, but I might post them if I ever do a second part to this. But as always if you have sites you love and think should be listed here please feel free to let me know.


Part idiot. Part old man. All geek. Thadeous can't think of anything interesting about him self right now. Know this though if he could it would be creative and funny as well as thought provoking.


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Thadeous can't think of anything interesting about him self right now. Know this though if he could it would be creative and funny as well as thought provoking.

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