ask a question get an answer pt 2

I’m thinking this will be a weekly post for me. Remember the answers I receive are 140 characters or less so some might not be fully punctuated and many have abbreviations.

Question #1: How do you find new players for your group/campaign?

WolfSamurai: Hah, that’s what I want to know, now that I have to put together a new game. :/

Level30yinzer: true story. Also wish i had a better way to accrue players. Usually its us juggling the same players for several games

deadorcs: Word of mouth. Plus I’m extremely picky about who I play with, so I probably know them in advance of the request.

Question #2 : How do you introduce new players into an existing story or campaign?

deadorcs: Short answer: I try not to. Otherwise, I bring them in at a lvl comparable to the existing players. Background must be written to fit into the campaign setting

WolfSamurai: Depends on when they’re getting involved. Towards the beginning, I just retcon. They were there the whole time. Further on in the story, I work them in when it’s reasonable for the story. Though I’m not opposed to fudging it sometimes I won’t keep someone from playing just because it’s not easy to explain in the story. But I try and make it plausible.

WastexGames: I try to work them in from a story angle. New tiefling joined the group as the party came up on slavers and he was a slave.

esspkay: New PCs need to be important in the ongoing story. Link their immediate goal with the group, and make their presence .beneficial to the party. Perhaps they know a little more about the BBEG, or are linked with another PCs past? Integrate!

Question #3: How do you deal with meta gaming or excessive talking at the table?

OverloadUT: Meta gaming goes away naturally if you encourage enough RP. Table talk best solved by the DM being proactive about it.

WolfSamurai: Direct talking to the people doing it. I don’t mind metagaming and tabletalk, but I’ll just tell people to quit if it’s too much.

WastexGames: I’ll stop the game for a break unless we’re in the middle of a battle, I’ll ask “is that really what your character thinks?”

plays2much_DnD: My answer to meta-gaming is gently remind them why character doesn’t know something yet & talking by asking what PCs do next.

d20plusmodifier: Start making bad things happen. >:D

DMSamuel: depends; if I feel it’s because they need a break, then I say “let’s tale a 10 min break” usually they are focused after that. If it’s early in the session, I usually do something that gets their attention, something unexpected, something that affects what they can do – a previously friendly shopkeep treats them badly, or bad weather suddenly comes up like the prophecy said which is a bad omen, or maybe they aren’t paying attention and they get attacked by an ambush, with everyone surprised! I always try to get their attention with something that affects the story and makes sense, and not just to punish them

jmlane: I try to make the encounter / current scene as appealing to the players as possible. Sometimes you just have to moderate though.

JamieFirth: me and fellow dm are dealing with it now. Main way is allow it for a few mins and then say right guys calm down and play.

Question #4: What digital tools do you enjoy using in your game?

WolfSamurai: The entire DDI suite. I’m going to try out Masterplan next time I run a game. I also had a decent standalone init tracker.

combatcast: MapTooliPlay4E

AceDrummer_CLB: Master Plan is fast becoming my digital familiar of choice.

jediknightgirl: This is a great die-rolling and stat-building site:

WindsorGaming: A digital picture frame. I use it to show pics of NPCs, Traps, Puzzles, Rooms, Monsters, whatever.

Sewicked: Obsidian Portal

jmpress: obsidianportal, of course! I keep a laptop at my side while DMing to read my notes. I have a campaign calendar in Excel as well.

AlioTheFool: Masterplan coupled with WotC DDi tools. That’s all I need for all my dnd use. Well I’ve used PyMapper too, but not regularly.

Question #5: Are there any movies you like to watch for inspiration for your games?

countingku: Serenity, The Fifth Element, Dune, Desperado, Holy Grail, Mortal Kombat, Starship Troopers. Memorable Characters.

pdunwin: Willow, Kung-Fu Panda, ALIENS, Pirates of the Caribbean, Samurai Jack & others. Willow holds up well. If you get it, be sure to listen to the commentary by Warwick Davis. I wonder if he’s on Twitter….

Thanks to all the DMs for some great tips. I hope some of this information is helpful or at least entertaining to you.


Part idiot. Part old man. All geek. Thadeous can't think of anything interesting about him self right now. Know this though if he could it would be creative and funny as well as thought provoking.

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Thadeous can't think of anything interesting about him self right now. Know this though if he could it would be creative and funny as well as thought provoking.
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