DM Tips in 140 characters or so #6

#1: As a DM how do you deal with total party kills (TPK)?:

Siliconwolf: I haven’t had one in a while, currently I plan to have them “wake up” in Astral Sea as demon’s attack for a new adventure. On TPK, I should say I’d go Astral if TPK unavoidable, I’d have PCs unconscious & captured or something if at all possible.

WolfSamurai: I try to avoid them, when I can. It kills a story and an adventure most times. But if they happen, then they happen.

TheAngryDM: Depends, did everyone really die or was the camera able to fade to black while there was still ambiguity? TPKs are like failures in skill challenges: an opportunity to take the story in a new direction…At least, for the survivors… 🙂 In all honesty, except for two more recent incidents, TPKs at my table end up starting completely new campaigns from scratch.

SeiferTim: a new band of Adventurers finds themselves facing an group of undead monsters resembling a group that recently disappeared…the other answer is that a TPK never has to really be a TPK, nor do the players ever need to know it. The power of the DM…

Level30yinzer: player choice: roll up new chars, or adventure in the land of the dead to beseech the raven queen for your life returned

pdunwin: I’ve always wanted to see a group play the B-team who follows up on the (their) dead A-team years later. Balin’s quest to regain Moria was a (tragic)story unto itself. Why can’t PC add those stories to the game world? I think it would be cool for a PC to hear about the mystery surrounding the death of a previous PC.

Macadosche: Act like I planned it and insert a quick reason for the NPCs to keep them alive. (slavery works well) Real TPK is nobody’s fun.

kimblepr: My last TPK was during a Ravenloft game. I asked if they wanted to ‘retcon’ that or start playing Dragonlance. DL! (all group)

deadorcs: I’ve never had a TPK. There’s been the occasional death, but the characters usually have sense to “bug out” if it gets bad.I actually like the 3.0 Book, Ghostwalk. I’d love to see a 4e re-tooling of that tome. Excellent ways of handling dead heroes

SlyFlourish: In dealing with a dnd TPK – plan ahead. Don’t handle the TPK after-the-fact. God resurrections; NPC recovery, etc.

mjbrenner: Advance the bad guys by several years and then let a new crew of heroes take up the mantle, fighting a more dangerous foe. My players argue over which young NPCs might make good eventual PCs in case this happens. No Raise Dead spell in my game

dndblog: have the party reincarnated-put the PCs in different bodies (animal, monster, local drunk) till they overcome a threat

b_s_lynn: dealing with it is creating new characters & learning from the mistakes. I find my players liked the excuse 2 try something new.

Teksura: I TPKed my party recently. I made sure the bad guy had reason to keep 1 alive. He was covered in his ally’s blood. The blood of his allies was sufficient for the Raise Dead ritual. Anyone could be raised again by the lone survivor.

steve_the_dm: TPKs: Fudge the die rolls when things start to get pear-shaped, or invoke videogame “checkpoint” saves. Yeah, lousy, I know. Or, conveniently “forget” about some of the nastier powers the bad guys might have, so the TPK curve is slowed.

#2: DMs What are some cool terrain ideas to spice up a battle?

bensrpgpile: Great q! We love rubble/cave-in, columns, leveled rooms, boulders, magic circle, pit trap, and monster nest.

mrpixelcrash: Mike Krahulik’s 3D, multi-level falling air combat was an awesome idea. I’ve always thought that combat inside some sort of cube-ish shaped room where gravity changes would be awesome.

#3: DMs How long do your average weekly or bi weekly game last?

jediknightgirl: our sessions don’t usually pass four hours because most people have to work early the next morning. We’d go longer if we could.

DMSamuel: my friday night face to face game goes from 7 to midnight usually

WolfSamurai: I always aim for 4-5 hours for weekly games. More starts to get tiring. Less makes it feel like you can’t accomplish much.

Mosuke0089: it lasts for weeks, even when we try to meet at least 1 time a week!

SeiferTim: my dndenc sessions run aprox. 2hr. @combatcast is about 2 – 2.5 each week (but we trim it down to about 1hr for the podcast)

mrpixelcrash: Our Sunday game goes for 3-4 hours. 

digitaldraco: Depending on whether everyone shows up on time or not, games run around 5-8 hours. (2 GMs, alternating bi-weekly)

Siliconwolf: Techincally 5 hours, but after everyone gets there, unpacks, and settles its more like 4 hours

Macadosche: 4-5 hrs

pdunwin: We have a semi-weekly game that goes for about four hours.

jmpress: Saturday, roughly 4 hours.

AlioTheFool: 3 hours, once every two weeks when possible.

#4: DMs how do you set the mood for your dnd games; <do you have any pre game traditions?

deadorcs: I don’t really do much to set a mood. I expect my players to come to the game with the correct frame of mind. I put away the laundry that accumulates on the game table, clean the basement, & make sure my mapping area is clear.

kalvinlyle: My players are British. It’s impossible to get them in the right mood for gaming. Sarcasm destroys any effort 🙂

DMSamuel: I usually start with a short re-cap, and a reminder of the particular situation they are in

GeekyLyndsay: Hide any food I don’t want the players to eat.

Chip17: music really helps set the mood.

#5: Hey DMs what kind of stuff do you and your players eat at the table?

theprint: we have lots of photos of what we eat during our bi-weekly sessions –

pdunwin: Papa John’s pizza, sushi, various chips, candies, & snack cakes. Mostly water to drink.

: mrpixelcrash my girlfriend usually makes vegan pancakes. yesterday my friend from new orleans made vegan grits.

jmpress: mostly vegan junk food and beer. chips, Tings, and the like. Sometimes someone bring tater tots or vegan taquitos.

bensrpgpile: The BensRPGPile gang has Brat Stir Fry, Taco Salad, & Assemble-a-Sub as its top 3 dnd foods. We’ll post recipes to the blog.

the other answer is that a TPK never has to really be a TPK, nor do the players ever need to know it. The power of the DM…

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Thadeous can't think of anything interesting about him self right now. Know this though if he could it would be creative and funny as well as thought provoking.

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