Dungeon Master Tips in 140 Characters or so #12

That’s right it’s time for another round of dungeon master tips and answers given by all the great people in the D&D twitter community.

Question #1: Give me one good tip for first time Dungeon Masters, what do you wish some one had told you?

Level30yinzer: gm tip i wish I’d known: it takes 10,000 hours to get really good at something. Your first few tries are going to fumble.

RobertsonGames: Different players enjoy different parts of the game. 🙂

symatt: say YES more often.

theprint: My tip would be: Focus on what is fun for everyone rather than the rulebooks. When you mess up, just move on.

deadorcs: I wish someone had told me that, “Your players may not be as motivated about the game as you are, make accommodations.” And “That your players may not get the same thing out of the game as you do. Adjust your adventure accordingly.”

newbiedm: Don’t try to be an epic storyteller from the beginning, start small. Expand from there over time.

theweem: Focus on the fun

WolfSamurai: THe one thing I wish had been impressed on me more is that it’s important to ensure fun for everybody, even if it means ignoring rules or changing things that I’d planned or wanted to do.

Macadosche: Have everything you need written down, xeroxed, or printed out in advance to cut down time & avoid page flipping during the game.

CubeSteve: Don’t let your idea of where the story should go overwhelm the players’ ideas of where it should go. Find the balance.

DarthKevin: Remember that published modules can and should be adapted to fit your group. published adventures can and should be modified to fit your players style as well as level/equipment.

Milambus: Listen to your players, with will tell you what they want out of the game. If that fails, ask.

gamefiend: Storytelling over rules. Every. Single. Time.

TheAngryDM: Constraints, restrictions, and limitations are okay. In fact, they make creativity easier for both the player the DM. Don’t take any DMing advice too seriously. Every DM has a “best way” to do it, and they all begin and end at their own table.  Beware, especially, of “always,” “never,” and “should.” Is your group enjoying the game? Then you’re OK. Any DM who speaks in absolutes, self included, is missing the point.

plays2much_DnD: The #1 dnd tip I wish someone had given me as a DM is: All DMs fail their plans, it’s how you recover that counts.

DMSamuel: It’s okay if you don’t know all the rules at first, just tell a story and bring your players along, they’ll help

pdunwin: Don’t sweat the rules. Do what’s cool, moves the story/game along, and minimizes arguments.

blindgeekuk: it doesn’t matter if you get it right, if the players are having fun, then you’ve done your job right

Grizzly_Sigma: Don’t be afraid to turn a 20 into a 1 or a 1 into a 20 behind the screen, as long as it’s for the enjoyment of the game

SlyFlourish: First time dnd DM tips: focus on next game, ignore world building, build fun encounters, start at level 1, relax.

Thiefofhearts: Don’t lie to your players. Don’t focus on something you don’t want them to consider or take. They need to trust you.

theinsomniakid: that you have to be okay with effectively ‘losing’ every time your players defeat a monster. They aren’t always gracious about it

CaptCalamitous: No matter how much you plan it, the game won’t go like that, relax and have fun with the players

schwarm: preroll initiative

Question #2: What advice would you give to a first time player?

WolfSamurai: Keep an open mind, be patient, and give everything a fair shake.

Rugsrat: Relax, have fun, say something crazy, take advice, don’t take being pushed around, not all bad rolls will kill you (just most)

TheAngryDM: Relax, have fun, don’t sweat the rules, and don’t try too hard. Dare to fail gloriously. No one is judging you.

deadorcs: Don’t be afraid to ask the DM if you can do something. A good DM will not say “No”, he will say, “How”.

plays2much_DnD: I tell 1st time players to think about “who” their char is & what he/she would do.. I’ll help with the “how to” when it’s time.

symatt: hmmm. I’d have to say “don’t be yourself”

Sewicked: Ask questions when you don’t understand something.

DMSamuel: failure can be fun, so don’t be afraid of not making your check DC every once in a while, & have fun

pdunwin: It’s about the party.

CubeSteve: If you think of something fun, don’t be afraid to say it. If you aren’t having fun, let the DM know. Don’t sweat the rules.

SlyFlourish: dnd advice for players: Read the last pg of the Player Strat Guide: Don’t be a jerk, let others talk, don’t argue, roll quick.

Macadosche: Don’t worry about the rules, just react to the situation at hand as your character would. DM & teammates will help with the rest.

Bartoneus: tip for new players: revel in the chance to get into a different world, relax, have fun, and don’t be afraid to try everything!

pjstoneson: Listen, and don’t forget to use what’s around you. This includes stuff, and other PCs and NPCs.

felyn: If door has ominous, glowy look, toss a corpse at it before opening & b) don’t be a weasel & loot it. Also, scorpions hate fire.

felyn: Back-up plans need back-up plans &/or be able to improv on a dime unless you want to railroad the PCs. They’re like weasels.

theinsomniakid: Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you aren’t sure what’s going on. Most veteran players are happy to help out.

CaptCalamitous: Don’t try to win, try to lose yourself in the imagery.

DarthKevin: Pay attention. Plan your next move ahead. Roll damage and hit die together. Remember its just a game and every1 wants to have fun

schwarm: your character does not look like the miniature.

Question #3: What is the coolest thing you have said yes to?

Level30yinzer: there’s been a lot of combat stuff involving thunderwave to launch other players at an airborne enemy

blindgeekuk: most recently, the players moving the brambleweed pots in bloodsand arena

sajflorida: player: can I run to the wall, up the wall, backflip off wall, land where I want to, and attack? Me: let’s make some rolls.

symatt: “can I jump on the back of this giant wild Boar that is charging red eyed towards me?” you bet I said yes

Rugsrat: “Can I turn into sand and try to suffocate him from the inside? “Sure!”

RobertsonGames: A player asked if he could shoot the lantern a retainer was holding to spray flaming oil on a zombie (and the retainer). 🙂

WolfSamurai: Nobody has ever asked to do anything really wacky, but I’ve said yes to using another PC as a ladder to get on a nearby roof.

pdunwin: @CubeSteve hit a troll and as it was dropping he whipped a flaming dagger at it for the kill.

CubeSteve: It…was…AWESOME! Big thanks to Paul for saying “Yes”

Chip17: Hardcore croudkill monk projectile.

ethankillett: A player wanted to throw a skeleton in front of an bow/arrow trap to protect a fellow player. Fantastically, she succeeded!

DarthKevin: a paladin sliding on his shield across an iced over battlefield.

theinsomniakid: Letting my players be a band of secret assassins devoted to the Raven Queen. They even made a secret handshake.

Question #4: What is one thing your local game store could (realistically) do/change to make you happy?

Feanan: To make me happy, I wish my local game store was still open.

kleebakrr: Get support from WotC, so I can play encounters and get free stuff on free RPG day.

Rodolfo_Zhouri: rent minis

ArcaneSpringbrd: Move. The gaming area is in a dark, unfinished basement area.

pdunwin: Jazz up their storefront, so it’s not so depressing.

mrfb: Start running D&D Encounters haha.

theinsomniakid: Stock gaming books from more editions than 4th Ed. I’d like more 3.5 books available, especially at discounts.

b_s_lynn: Actually have a local gaming store, would be good. The nearest is about 15 miles.

Question #5: What can Wizards of the coast do (realistically) to make you happier?

WolfSamurai: Have minis packaged in ways that are better suited for the tabletop game’s needs. Themed packs and in better quantities.

steve_the_dm: Give me old monsters in new stat block format! Also: add missing rules (beast companion or construct control) to compendium. Also: Add Creative Commons “modifications allowed” license to image libraries. (I want to legitimately edit maps and post them.)

plays2much_DnD: WotC can make me happier with private forums 4 Organizers & DMs of sanctioned Public Events. 2 many players in dnd spoilers IMHO

pdunwin: Re-proof their books one last time. Add indices to each book.

DMSamuel: I second the minis repack for roleplay idea

Macadosche: Release errata-corrected pdf versions of all rulebooks for DDI subscribers.

ChrisSSims: Amen. Been asking for backproofing since I started there.

cramschmuggery: I would love to see WotC continue to publish more solo adventures similar to Dark Awakenings.

Siliconwolf: Overall pretty happy with WotC, I’d like to see more movement on ddi tools and books in electronic format

digitaldraco: What @Siliconwolf and @pdunwin said.

AlioTheFool: Revamp treasure system & Dragonlance 4e

brindy: make character builder cross-platform or web-based, and make the manuals available as pdfs.

dreadgazeebo: Finish up adventure tools

bensrpgpile: Go back to quarterly miniatures set releases (stop raising price) & do minis that match the new dnd modules. That would great.

ArcaneSpringbrd: Wotc NEEDS to make adventures more than combat. Ethical decisions and cool NPCs rock. See Dragon Age and Mass Effect

Milambus: Better indexes. Faster updates to char builder. An original campaign setting this year, not some 2e setting redone.

GSLLC: Nothing. Gamers are happy or angry by choice.

CaptCalamitous: wizards can actually wake up and realize the world actually has more than just the usa in it.

kleebakrr: Expand on the official Adventure Builder to include a combat tracker and Masterplan-like designer.

deadorcs: WotC needs to finish the Adventure Tools. Give us a tabletop & character visualizer to say the least.

theinsomniakid: Keeping pen and paper games on the table where they belong. I’m sure online 4E is fun, but I like my D&D the way it is.

AceDrummer_CLB: Have a group DDI Rate and Allow MasterPlan to work with DDI!

IllusiveDreams: Finish Adventure Tools with an encounter planner, tabletop interface, maybe a map tool?

Squach: Produce software that can be run on a Mac. 🙂 And appear on www.TheTomeShow.com more often. 🙂

DarthKevin: end the silly requirement to attend an event to get an RPGA number.

And that wraps up another week of fun questions.


It’s okay if you don’t know all the rules at first, just tell a story and bring your players along, they’ll help

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Thadeous can't think of anything interesting about him self right now. Know this though if he could it would be creative and funny as well as thought provoking.
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