Ritualistically Speaking: Conceal Object

Even the most unskilled stage magician can make simple object disappear from under a cloth or into a hat, but a real wizard can make something completely invisible while you are standing right in front of it. The Conceal Object ritual is a classic example of true wizardry at work. It’s not true invisibility, it’s the use of magic and arcane components to force a living creature to subconsciously look around or not notice the object in question. Is true power exerting force over a single inanimate object, or is it the ability to influence every living creature who tries to cast eyes upon the object?

Conceal Object

Component Cost: 400 gp Market Price: 2,000 gp
Key Skill
: ArcanaLevel: 10 Category: Deception
: 10 minutes  Duration: Permanent

One object within 5 squares of you becomes difficult to notice, no matter how obvious it is. Any creature with line of sight to the object is entitled to a Perception check at a DC equal to your Arcana check result with a +5 bonus. A creature that touches the object gains a +5 bonus to the check, and a creature that is rudely forced to notice the object (such as by walking into a wall it was unable to notice) automatically sees the concealed object. Moving the concealed object ends the effect.

First published in Dragon Magazine 366.

Hiding the obvious, concealing the valuable and fooling your enemies, non offensive magic at it’s best in combat situations. Role play value for this type of ritual is loaded with both serious story options and fun and humorous potential. Not to go too deep in to story time but I once had a player who decided he would use this ritual to hide the bathroom in a tavern while they were waiting for their contact to arrive, good times.

Making it Accessible: As always this is not my creation of a hard rule, or even something I am going to use in my game. In this section of the post I will give an example of how I would encourage my players to create a focus for a ritual they want to use in a more readied fashion.

Conceal Object had me stumped for a while as I was trying to figure out what a good focus would be, and then while I was thinking about a mundane stage magician it came to me. A fun and flair filled focus for Conceal Objects would be a simple drop cloth. Any cloth large enough to cover the object the caster desires to conceal. The focus can be imbued with the ritual by casting the ritual normally and spending an extra percentage of the cost on materials to ready the cloth.

Once the focus is imbued with the ritual effect it would take little more than throwing the cloth over the desired object and muttering a simple magic phrase, then whipping the cloth off the object leaving the magic from the cloth to rest on the object. Dramatic flair plus old school magic style equals fun rituals. “Presto” and with a quick tug on the cloth pulling it away from its resting place the treasure chest vanishes!

DMs: Killing all the monsters in a room isn’t always the only way to win an encounter. Good DMs build multiple types of encounters with differing goals for victory. Some times it’s to stop something from happening in a certain amount of times, some are rescue encounters and so on and so forth. A great encounter which could allow players to make use of Conceal Object would be an attack/defend scenario. Put the party in a situation where they have to defend and object from attack or protect something from being stolen. Allowing the party to obscure and object from the enemies vision would cause the enemy to spend more time looking for their target and less time fighting the players. Resourceful players using this ritual could create and easy win encounter for the party.

Creating skill challenges based on the same format could also bring Conceal Object into the fray. If the players are being questioned by authorities or a powerful NPC about an object they have acquired, allowing them to use this ritual for a single success in the skill challenge could be an option. Generous DMs might even allow the players to skip the skill challenge all together if they can convince the NPCs that they don’t have the object in question.

Players: Using Conceal Object is easy, even if it does not further the story it can still enhance the story. As a player I actually loved using rituals like this to mess with NPCs and other players in my party. Making things seem to disappear can be comedy gold. Making doors vanish and watching people walk into them is a laugh, and can be a way to slow down enemies who might be pursuing your party. An NPC gives you a hard time while you are in the tavern, so you go out and make the cart he rode in to town on vanish, and watch as he tries to figure out why his horse is still there but his cart is gone. These are all just fun role play ideas for some laughs around the table, there are lots of good uses a player can think up to actually further the story if they wish. Any instance where a character or a party needs to sneak into or infiltrate an area can benefit from having this ritual handy. A party sneaks into a keep but has to kill a guard to do so, the wizard throws his cloth imbued with Conceal Object over the body and poof it’s gone. No worries about other guards finding it until someone trips over it. The funny side effect of this would be that no one might find it until it really stinks up the keep. A party needing to conceal an NPC or even a member of their own team might put them in a box or inside of a cupboard and make the whole thing vanish, the DM should be willing to grant a hefty stealth bonus for that one.

Combat: Players are you tired of always walking into the combat and having to deal with unfamiliar terrain and difficulties? Don’t! If you just fought a hard won battle in a room or location with a pit, a trap, or some sort of barrier use Conceal Object to turn the table on your enemies. Conceal that pit trap or the devouring chain trap. Take a lesson from the video game world and pull your enemies to you. A hidden trap can really turn the favor of a combat encounter in no time flat. Hiding a wall or barrier can make it easy for your to gain combat advantage or just keep your softer members safe. Concealing a fallen character from a monster who feeds on those who are down could easily be worth the component cost of this ritual. As always creativity and fast thinking can make a ritual like Conceal Object more valuable than an army or archers.

Lets hear some of your ideas! I know I’m not the only one who can come up with creative uses for Conceal Object.


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Thadeous can't think of anything interesting about him self right now. Know this though if he could it would be creative and funny as well as thought provoking.

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