Dungeon Master Tips in 140 characters or so #14

And we are back in for another DT140. I took a short summer break due to my working 14 days with no day off. So I took a bit of an internet break and now I feel much better!  So lets get right into the questions.

Question #1:  what tasks e.g. Init tracking, do you give to your players to lighten your load?

TheAngryDM: None, really – I am a control freak. But I don’t recommend other DMs follow me in that. Use your players.  As if I’d trust my players. Ha! Seriously, I’m kind of a control freak – I do it all myself.

WolfSamurai: I don’t really give the players much to do aside from things like moving minis or helping set up dungeon tiles.

iTavman: I have them occasionally go to the bathroom for me. It usually doesn’t work out well, though…

ethankillett: They bring me cookies as I DM, though that might be them sucking up to me. I do most of the work during the game. They just play!

mjbrenner: I have players make the cardboard markers for their attack effects. I handle everything else, as their turns usually take longer.

pdunwin: Mine help with initiative, placing condition markers & live-tweeting. Also, @CubeSteve brings his huge battlemat & the steel sheets for the @aleatools.

SlyFlourish: Rules lawering, Initiative pushing, turn speed. We tried monster damage, that wasn’t bad.

CubeSteve: The snacks!

MynameisJard: I’m Jesus: I do it all!

lamentation: Roll monster power refreshes.

ObsidianCrane: they manage allied NPCs. I use #masterplan for organising and running games so basic stuff like init etc is handled readily.

DMfumbl: leading the recap at the beginning of each session… I think players are more involved that way

bensrpgpile: our player duties include init board, effect flags, effect cards, end counter, body tiles, milestone sheet, terrain layout assist

DMSamuel: the only thing my players are responsible for is being ready for their turn, I have a good sized group (4) so it works But when I have larger groups, 1 does init tracking, 1 does a timer for turn decisions, 1 does marks and condition markers.

Question #2: What is your favorite monster? Why?

kleebakrr: Aboleths. I like how ancient they are and that they remember they’re ancestors entire history.

Level30yinzer: Favorite monster: ME! muahahaha

AlioTheFool: Gnolls. I love their “look,” their ferocity, and Yeenoghu. 2nd place is dragons. Goblins 3rd.

deadorcs: I love me some MODRONS! Also, I’m a big fan of the Githyanki. WotC, if you’re listening, I will write your Modrons for you.

ArcaneSpringbrd: Beholders. Unmistakeable look, incredible arrogance with power, 4e’s version rocks (once you use the MM3 damage

WolfSamurai: My favorite monsters are humanoids. So much variety. So many interesting things. So impossible for PCs to predict.

pdunwin: Displacer beasts. Cool name, cool look, cool power. I like the quori. They messed with your dreams

SarahDarkmagic: I love dragons, but when I need variety, I love me some aberrants. So easy to terrify my players that way 🙂

SlyFlourish: I love lichs of all types, draco, demi, whatever. They’re bad-ass and frighten players.

JamieFirth: bugbears and kobolds

ChrisSSims: Goblins of all types. Lots of personality for roleplaying and lots of character as monsters.

blindgeekuk: kobolds -sneaky, shifty. gnolls – visceral imagery

Macadosche: Mind Flayers! One is evil enough, but a pack of em, an Elder Brain, & an army of thralls? Badass. Uncle Squidface Wants YOU!

DMSamuel: Definitely the Mind Flayer – just the thought of tentacles and eating brains, it’s awesome. Beholder would be a close second though, just those many creepy eyes!

symatt: Umber Hulk. it makes use of the darkness so well, a single one is good against a party. great imagery in my games. Kobold. Trickery, shear numbers, versatility. Trap building. And I have lots of figures.

icu_seamus: the Tarrasque. It represents almost insurmountable destruction. Read rpgmusings.com for more info!

jmpress: Kobolds! they’re small, sneaky, and people underestimate their cleverness.

ObsidianCrane: Spriggans atm. Because they kick PCs when they are down. Hilarious stuff. I also love elites of all types as they are flexible.

Ufgood: My favourite monsters are kobolds. Because they just right piss the PCs off!

ExaltedDarkness: gonna go with Draconians from Dragonlance. It’s always fun to see the PCs face when they realize they forgot about Death Throes!

theprint: My favorite monster is and always will be your basic Orc. They can be threatening and scary or funny and dumb. Orcs FTW!

deadorcs: Favorite monsters? Modrons, Githyanki & Peeved Cultists (not necessarily in that order).

b_s_lynn: D&D Past ed.s it was shape changers Bcuz U could make them hidden threats

dreadgazeebo: Zombies, and simply because everyone loves killing them no matter what setting. They are the nazi soldiers of the tabletop world.

psychopez: Any intelligent medium sized creature that’s of a player playable race. Because it could be anything I want it to be. They see a dragon, they know what to expect. They see a humonoid, the players are always wondering, thinking, engaging it.

DnDPrincessAria: salt golems. Killer hugs. Enough said : P

D_Gibb: My favorite dnd monster is probably the Gelatinous Cube to use when PCs aren’t expecting it!

DMfumbl: since I play #dragonlance, draconians are my fav, their death throws abilities can be a nice harassment

TheAngryDM: Elementals (and demons). Especially 4E mix-n-match elementals like the Icerock Firethunderer or the Coldacid Cycloneshard. Don’t know why. I just like ’em.

richgreen01: the ixitxachitl. Intelligent vampiric Demogorgon-worshiping rays! What’s not to like?

theweem: Call me old fashioned or boring, but I love Goblins 😉

MTMorris: I love Kenku. Something about sneaky greasy humanoid black crows just seem awesome.

ironregime: I used mindflayers as abducting aliens for fantasy-horror fun. I enjoy putting old school in a new light.

countingku: I’m with TheWeem. I have a soft spot in my heart for the goblins. #TeamSplug all the way, hey!

sajflorida: Favorite Monster? Undead. All Undead. Lich. Dracolich. Yeah.

Question #3: What is your favorite character class and why?

pdunwin: I love the mechanics of the Shaman. It’s very 4e. What I mean is that it’s abstract enough to allow a lot of player description & wasn’t workable in past editions.

countingku: You can’t pick just one. Bard, Avenger, Warden. Haven’t had the chance to play controller, so I don’t have a fave yet.

DMSamuel:  Cleric because they are badass; they giveth HP and taketh away

Macadosche: I favor bard. Fits my personality, a bit of this, a bit of that. Plus, manifesting power through music is just so Rockstar!

deadorcs: Hard to pick one with 4e.Played only 1 of them. I’m liking my Storm Sorcerer, & I really want to take the Assassin out for a run.

gregbilsland: Essentials Warlock! Err, um, I mean… I’d have to go with the warden, because I enjoy how the mechanics blend with the fluff.

mhasko: Warlords. They can cover any martial archtype to fit any type of character. I have 4, might be making a 5th.

AlioTheFool: Wizard then Bard. I love magic, and clearly my name says I love the jester type character.

SarahDarkmagic: I love the assassin class. Playing a darker character, teleportation and shade form, shrouds and ki focus are my top reasons.

WolfSamurai: I have a hard time picking just one. I’ve made really interesting, awesome, or unique characters of almost every class. If I could only play 1 class ever, I’d play the monk. I like many classes, but the monk edges them out.

icu_seamus: I’ve always had a soft spot for the Barbarian. Rages can mean so many different things when role-played properly. Invoker. I love the idea of calling down the holy name of one’s deity to stop the enemy.

esspkay: The monk. I love the idea of taking on dragons, evil sorcerers and armies of no-goodniks with nothing but my fists

RCarlton87: I prefer rogues and wizards, both for their incredibly vast playability. Sneaky or flirty, what school of magic, etc.

IllusiveDreams: I really like the feel & play style of the avenger class. But fall back would be a dual weapon ranger.

deadorcs: re: Character Class. In no particular order: Assassin, Bard, Rogue, & Sorcerer.

dreadgazeebo: Rogues – The ultimate badasses, whether an assasin, swashbuckler, cutthroat, thief or general shifty person. Espionage = win. “Rogues” of notable influence on my brain: Garret from the Thief PC games. Altair / Ezio from assassins creed. Capn’ Jack sparrow

steve_the_dm: In 3rd, the cleric. In 4th: I have had lots of fun with *every* class I’ve played, and have yet to find a bad choice. All fun!

symatt: Cleric, they are a team player & there are so many directions they can take. helping the party makes me feel good.

JesterOC: The rogue. Effective in combat, effective in skill challenges, very mobile.

WyattSalazar: Wizard’s, because it’s all about the reality-warping magic baby~

Neldar: Assassin. You are dead or close to it before you see them.

WastexGames: I’ve really enjoyed the Sorcerer and the Avenger in 4e.

pdunwin: Fighter. Iconic, flexible, & the beneficiary of a lot of compensation for years of being hosed.

theweem:Rogue: Love the idea of a vagabond doing what needs to be done to survive, laws be damned. Not a killer, rather a crafty wanderer

countingku: Avenger, Bard, and Warden are my favorite and go-to classes in #4e currently.

Question #4: Have you ever or would you asked your players to pitch in for game supplies?

theweem:  Nope and Nope 🙂

deadorcs: I have, with mixed results. I really try not to ask unless I know everyone in the group will get the same benefit.

MTMorris: No, though I wouldn’t mind if they did. I just don’t ask.

RCarlton87: Not to pitch in for source books or accessories, but I do require them to own their own dice. Oh, and buy pizza!

azaroth42: define game supplies? Books? Minis? Dice? Battlemat? Pens? Printer paper? Ddi subscription?

maxqtime: the only thing I ask my players bring is dice and a pencil, if they’re really new I might even pregen chars for them

bensrpgpile: Game supplies – nah. The game board is a DM’s pleasure & masterpiece. I do ask the guys to bring some of the food though.

pdunwin: My players have supplied minis, battle mats, @aleatools & modules.

blindgeekuk: re: game supplies – sweets/drinks sure. some bring their own dice minis and sheets, but I do a lot of printing for them

ArcaneSpringbrd: No, but if they want to use rules from a book I don’t own, I require them to get it. Not as much of an issue in 4e.

richgreen01: No – got them to buy beer tho’

mjbrenner: I never ask them to, but they have donated to the collection. Two recently gave me a 2’x2′ box full of minis from a yard sale.

steve_the_dm: Nope. Players buy beer and bring snacks. DMs steal the company’s color printer ink. >:)

countingku: I’d have them buy food and drinks, but I wouldn’t ever ask them to buy game stuff. If they offered, I’d consider

theinsomniakid: I usually ask them to bring their own dice, but I provide pretty much everything else.

WastexGames: not for supplies, but I will ask for it if we order pizza

dreadgazeebo: Nope, but I might ask for them to chip in for a pizza, beer, etc. Or buy their own PHB so I can stop passing mine around.

Macadosche: We’re lucky one of us collects minis, another all the books, etc. The rest have a smattering of #dnd gear so it works out great.

sajflorida: Just pizza and beer. Are there other supplies?

ironregime: I have never asked players to pitch in for game supplies.

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Thadeous can't think of anything interesting about him self right now. Know this though if he could it would be creative and funny as well as thought provoking.
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