Dungeon Master Tips in 140 characters or so #15

One of the best things about asking these questions on twitter is asking them again a few days later. I ask every question for the week on Monday mornings in rapid succession so people who missed them through out the week can have a chance to answer them. Often people who have already answered my questions will throw out a second reply and often it will be different from their first. Enough from me, on with the show.

Question #1: What do you do if an answer you need isn’t in any published resource?

Squach: Create an answer. DMs are creative by definition, it’s what we do. I come up with a system myself. I’m pretty brilliant so it always goes awesomely, of course. 🙂

cintain: That’s simple: make it up. 😀

richgreen01‎: check EnWorld and it that doesn’t work, make it up!

SlyFlourish‎: Make a ruling and move on.

AlioTheFool‎: Make it up. If it’s not written down, it’s my call.

pdunwin‎: Make it up, perhaps with input from the community or those in the know, if possible.

MynameisJard: I make it up, or, if it really matters to the players, let them convince me why they should have it their way.

WolfSamurai: I make an immediate ruling, with the caveat that I will consider it more outside of game to ensure it’s the best interpretation.

TheAngryDM: What DMs have done since time immemorial: make a ruling. I do that even if it’s in a book. Don’t like to check books during game.

ObsidianCrane: Make a ruling and get on with the fun. My rulings lean towards “fun” or “cool”

blindgeekuk: make it up to try and keep the game flowing. then spend days argueing over email with our resident rules lawyer

bensrpgpile: for non-pub answers, we use the#wotc forum, good ol’ Twitter posts, & Google search. If nothing there, it’s house rule time:)

DMSamuel: I make up the answer to any problems on the spot, if needed I’ll revisit after the game, but I do not retroactively I make up the answer to any problems on the spot, if needed I’ll revisit after the game, but I do not retroactively

mercutio531: Err on the side of Awesome, but fair.

michaelrobles: Depending on the question: You make it up! That’s part of the fun of improvising as a DM! (at least for me anyways).

rdonoghue: Make Shit Up.

SlyFlourish: Ask my Rules Lawyer for a ruling and then move on. My rules lawyer is even handed and fair so we go with his judgement.

DrOct: Make a ruling that make’s enough sense to everyone and keep the game moving!

KatoKatonian: I consult the internet (forums, twitter, etc.) and then make my best judgment based on how similar situations are handled.

DMfumbl: I make up what I want, and then my decision supersedes any later official answer (usually setting details)

JoeGKushner: wing it to keep the game moving than codify it so that if it happens again I’m ready

deadorcs: Dude, I just make that s##t up as I go along.

Question # 2: Have you ever danced with the Devil in the pale moon light?

tadbo‎:  …no, look what that got Bruce Wayne?

countingku‎: No, but I’ve danced with the devil with a blue dress on.

Siliconwolf‎: No but I have danced with a Dragonborn in the silvery moonlight, and tangoed with a Deva ‘neth the harvest moon

pdunwin‎: Not since Perform (Dance) was removed from the game.

AlioTheFool‎: Yes. With all of my prey.

theprint: Dude. I’ve BEEN the devil in the pale moon light. Many times.

KatoKatonian: Yea, but then he never called me again. Also, he wanted to go “dutch” for dinner. Cheapskate.

b_s_lynn: If I could dance she wood make me dance w/ her every nite

priesmeyer: I always as that of all my prey. I just like the sound of it.

deadorcs: Do you ask that off all your friends, or do you just like the sound of it?

Question #3: DMs: Do you ever give out non enhancing rewards i.e. titles?

CaptCalamitous‎: definitely, clothing, jewellery, titles, basically anything they can roleplay with.

Level30yinzer‎: @ThadeousC The cleric in my party just found out he’s been declared a saint

pdunwin‎: @CubeSteve wants his eladrin baron to become a viscount so I might do that eventually.

jonathanshade‎: Yes, I do. Knights, bishop, etc are common.

Entropicurity‎:  I’ve found giving them a home base to work out that they earn to be well worth the adventuring, gives them a sense of home

KatoKatonian: Only informally thus far. In Keep on the Shadowfell, my players are currently known as “Friends of Winterhaven” for their help.

Level30yinzer: I just sainted the party cleric, in fact. Another gained leadership of the rebel militia. So yeah, rep is a great reward.

CaptCalamitous: mostly the only rewards I hand out.

rdonoghue: All the freaking time.

TheAngryDM‎: I did, briefly, modeled on video game acheivements, I found I was spending more time on the #%$@ingacheivements than the game.

lamentation: I have in the past, in 3.5, but not yet in 4e

WolfSamurai: Not yet, but I have every intention of doing so soon, complete with unwelcome attention and complications. Bwahaha.

JoeGKushner: titles, alliances, favors, maps, information…

ObsidianCrane: I give out non-loot awards when appropriate. Which will be soon in my home game.

SlyFlourish: I gave a salted meat store in Thunderspire and a brothel in Sigil as rewards to my group. Now they just won a Chaos Ship.

Question #4: How much drinking takes place at your game table?

scottmalt‎:  Nothing alcoholic. Our beverage of choice is Cherry Coke

ThursdayKnights‎: Very little. Each person will keep it to a beer or two max throughout the whole night. No getting drunk.

ChrisSSims: None. Of course, we start play on Sunday morning.

pdunwin‎: The answer is: none. None drinking.

CubeSteve‎: Not entirely true, we have had a hard lemonade or two. But nothing heavier.

AlioTheFool‎: None sadly. I’d love to play drunk D&D

Macadosche‎:  Don’t know exactly how much, but between beer & Mt Dew… Let’s just say there’s a healthy pile of cans at the end of the night!

ChrisSSims‎: None. Of course, we start play on Sunday morning.

JoeGKushner‎: the always true answer is not enough!

mjbrenner‎: My once a month group drinks very little. My weekly group drinks beer and whiskey like they are going out of style.

ahill7‎:  I have a beer or two, but only to relax my nerves while DM’ing and running things. I offer and allow players, but not many do

TheAngryDM‎: None – or very occasionally a little. I have learned the hard way that drinking and serious #dnd don’t mix well. Are we talking soda, juice, coffee, or booze? In that order: lots, some, way lots, none.

psychopez‎: Granted, I game with one person who grew up LDS and has no compunction to drink. Tends to ignore that caffeine rule though…

DMSamuel‎: none, we aren’t big drinkers and all have to drive home

icu_seamus‎:  when I’ve been in a live game, myself & 1 other usually kill off a 12-pack.

lamentation: My games are pretty dry usually, once had a bit of pot tho.

TimsMartini: By the characters or the players? 🙂 For the former, remember that I have an entire party of dwarves…

Alterus: just the occasional beer or two, nothing more usually

DrOct: Not too much drinking, most of us have 1-3 (I have 2 usually) beers/drinks per session, some don’t drink at all during play.

TheLastRogue: My game is like a beer and pretzel . . . and beer and vodka with a tequila shot or 7 game.

ObsidianCrane: in 26 years there has been alcohol 3 times at a game, and 1of those was mead so we could try it.

WastexGames: The people playing or in-character drinking? None at the table, tons in the tavern.

Part idiot. Part old man. All geek. Thadeous can't think of anything interesting about him self right now. Know this though if he could it would be creative and funny as well as thought provoking.

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Thadeous can't think of anything interesting about him self right now. Know this though if he could it would be creative and funny as well as thought provoking.
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