Neverwinter – an upcoming 4E lite MMO

This is sort of old news, but Cryptic (the folks that brought you, City of Heroes, Champions Online and Star Trek Online) have just announced their plans to release their next big MMO, Neverwinter.

What is particularly interesting is that this seems to be the first video game attempt at using the 4E ruleset. I expect it will be a trimmed down version of the rules, but they are getting a bit of input from WotC on the game system. This appears to be set in a new vision of Forgotten Realms, tied in with the launch of R.A. Salvatore’s new books.

I have to admit a video game version of the 4E rules has my interest tweaked. Sadly, I think Cryptic has done some ho-hum work with their previous games (save for CoH that was fantastic, but I think most of the developers responsible for that game jumped ship to NCSoft when they bought it up). I guess all the naysayers of 4E can finally laugh at us when everyone stops playing around the table and jumps into this new MMO. After all, 4E is just a PnP game of WoW….


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Geek Ken likes games. Sometimes he likes to blog about them too.
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