Dungeon Master Tips in 140 characters or so #17

Every other week I ask questions to the twitter community and every week I get some awesome responses. For those DMs who don’t use twitter I would highly recommend you consider setting up an account and start following the #dnd #rpg #dndenc and #DT140 hashtags. You will find a ton of really helpful people and resources. Now on with the show.

Question #1: What do you do when a player always forgets their stuff?

DMSamuel: I always have extra dice (a lot!) and paper/pens/pencils + their PC sheet if they forget

WolfSamurai: Kill them. Then their characters. Seriously though, I’ll send email reminder at first, then talk with them directly. I’ll try and find some sort of solution as I don’t want to boot people from a game if I don’t have a serious reason.

symatt: all ways? Then I’d have to say next time I’m afraid you won’t be able to participate.

thetwixt: Player forgets his stuff, character has no stuff. No cash, no magic items.

deadorcs: I sigh heavily. If it’s their money, they’ve forgotten, they don’t have it in game. Supplies are usually no problem.

KatoKatonian: I never trust the players to remember anything 🙂 Since we play at the same location each time, all of our game materials (character sheets, dice, etc.) stay there.

lamentation: I take a deep breath and remember that i’ve been that player myself. people get busy and have real lives and other distractions.

theprint: Tell them to grow up, get their head out of their ass and into the game.

DarthKevin: We’ve all forgotten something before. I keep extra dice/paper/pens on hand. If it becomes habit, then we have a private chat.

dreadgazeebo: be thankful he’s not making comments about my wifes tits and try to accomodate him as best I can.

TheAngryDM: The role of the DM is to use the game to punish any slight, error, or indiscretion on the part of players or characters. In short – you forgot your character? Guess he’s dead. Go make a new one. Don’t use that. I usually try to give you serious answers instead of angry answers because I respect DT140. Sorry about that. (Oh i used it, because it made me laugh out loud in a coffee shop and people looked at me funny, so now you suffer! T.)

jmpress: make them leave it with you. Clearly they aren’t doing anything with it in the intervening time between games.

Macadosche: Make them write out their character sheet by hand on notebook paper

RosaMoonshadow: We keep “guest” dice at our house but if you forget your sheet, you are out of luck and have to play the farmer with the pig.

SlyFlourish: forget your gaming stuff? You mean like @matt_james_rpg forgetting his @wilw blessed dice at our game last night?

Enygma23: that player gets the cursed dice. the ones from the pitcher at the con. and a crayon and a peice of scratch paper. I am mean!

icu_seamus: I have played with OCD-ers. If somebody forgets the right pencil, they freak. Forgetfulness hasn’t been a problem.

geekken: Keep it for them. It’s good to be prepared, even for a sudden no show.

AceDrummer_CLB: No prob… I always keep a copy of their sheet and notes. Learned this the hard way.

DnDPrincessAria: keep a set of each player’s char sheets, and a set of the ugliest gosh darn dice I can find for people who forget ; )

steve_the_dm: Share the dice. Everything else is electronic and already copied, so it’s easier than ever to deal with forgotten stuff.

dreamlinertb: Stuff = dice/pencils/counters? No big deal; we usually have spares to lend. Stuff=character sheet? That gets annoying fast. Consider stripping them to just at-wills (no dailies/items/encs) and basing all rolls off their statblock (untrained)

Qustion #2: Do you allow powers e.g. sneak attack on inanimate objects? Why/Why not?

pdunwin: If it’s for a cool reason I’ll tend to allow attacks on inanimate objects. It’s not necessarily generally allowed.

deadorcs: Only if the power has a physical manifestation. Sneak attack, no, because it relies on understanding an opponent’s weak spots.

dreamlinertb: if the player can justify it, sure. I buy Flurry of Blows on a door, but Sneak Attack?

SlyFlourish: I don’t allow powers on most inanimate objects. Just athletic checks or other skills.

lamentation: It’s never come up, but if it did, yeah, I would probably let them. I wouldn’t be happy, but I’d let ’em.

WolfSamurai: That depends. I’ll allow or disallow on a case by case basis.

dreadgazeebo: Yes and No. Backstabbing a door is asinine, using fireball to set a door on fire is not. Context is what counts.

DMSamuel: depends on the circumstances, usually I try to say yes, if they give a good enough reason

b_s_lynn: It wood be case by case.

KatoKatonian: Depends on the power, but yes, if it’s reasonable.

Rolling20s: If it makes sense for precision-based damage to apply, then yes.

ChrisSSims: Usually yes, for a bonus to a skill check (ie Athletics to break stuff) based on the power used.

Milambus: Sneak Attack is not a power. Its a class feature =)

hvg3akaek: No, as doors are not typically “enemies”. Plus, how can you get CA on an inanimate object?

Question #3: Do your players ever kill each others characters? Do you allow it?

blindgeekuk: killing, no, in party fighting yes, betrayl yes. not only allowed but encouraged

symatt: no its never a good sign if Death by PC against PC. Same as stealing from each other.

jonathanshade: No, Party has too many reasons to get along.

pjstoneson: When I was much younger the cry Mock Battle!! would rise when players wanted to fight each other.

Ufgood: They haven’t yet, but if they were locked in an intrigue to that extent, I’d allow death that way.

deadorcs: re: players killing players. I frown upon it. I usually prep a campaign by saying, “Shots Now Hurt Other Players!”

pdunwin: I don’t allow PvP violence, unless the target agrees to it.

adamdray: Characters, yes. I’ve never had a *player* die

ObsidianCrane: I’ve never had PCs kill each other maliciously. I would allow it if they had good RP reasons.

WolfSamurai: They don’t do it, by and large. I likely would not allow it in D&D. In other games, however, maybe. Depends on the game.

theweem: Nope tho I used to allow it (back in 2e days) 🙂

TheAngryDM: It doesn’t happen much, but I don’t forbid it. I do not restrict player actions, but they have to live with the consequences. If Bob steals from George the Berserker and gets caught, Bob knew the risk’s of stealing from George.

b_s_lynn: I have allowed it previously when it furthered the story but not usually.

kimblepr: Last time someone tried that, I shot him. Really.

Matt1mus: We had a warlock who tossed out random fireballs that were ‘all creatures’ – the PCs got tired of it & knocked him out.

ThursdayKnights: Only if it is an event agreed upon by the players involved. I’ll allow anything to enhance the story.

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Thadeous can't think of anything interesting about him self right now. Know this though if he could it would be creative and funny as well as thought provoking.

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