Review: Litko 4E Condition Counters

So in the new videos of the 2010 Pax Celebrity D&D game the DM threw down some neat flame markers from Litko. I’m a fan of their stuff. A few months ago I went ahead and invested in conditional counters from Litko. They have a pretty good set for marking most basic conditions. With that I picked up a player set to indicate marked, curses, and other bonuses. I went a bit further and also picked up a blast and plasma set to indicate other zone effect powers.

They are sturdy plastic about 3 mm thick, with text etched into the surface. The 4E condition markers are a double sided set. I like the beefy colored plastic and can throw them around without worrying about the tokens getting bent out of shape. The wording is clearly marked and I like the color scheme. The markers look like they would stack well under an official WotC mini.

They’ve been a real boon to my game and help tons with tracking conditions, including temporary bonuses. For me it’s helped in reducing the paperwork by keeping everything tracked with something tangible on the battlemap. Also, with my players it helps them remember conditions and those pesky bonuses that last for a turn. The bonus ends? Just hand back the token to me. Great stuff and less bother with writing things down.

The Good – A nice selection of study counters with just about every condition you need. They have a lot of variety of markers at their site. Not to mention you can even make up your own custom set.

The Bad – While many of the tokens are singles, some are double sided, which can slow things down a bit if a DM has to quickly grab the right marker. Some of the transparent plastic markers can be hard to read in softer lighting (but can be solved using a white crayons the manufacturer recommends). Also having some lasting stacked conditions on a mini can get a tad cumbersome if you have to move them around.

The Verdict – I really like this product. With normal wear and tear I think they would last for years. They have a good selection in their sets. All of which I think are reasonably priced for their value. I also think it would be a great gift for the D&D guy (or gal!) that has just about everything. Be sure to check em out.

(Personal Note: Living in Korea, ordering things through international mail can always be tricky. Sure enough my first attempt at getting some markers resulted in being lost during delivery. After contacting Litko by email explaining my situation, they turned around and sent out a replacement order at no charge. Great service, from a great company.)

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