This is Our Game *Holiday Wish List*

We decided to put together a holiday geek gamer wish list for all of those games who don’t know what to ask for or for their loved ones who just don’t know what to buy the geek gamer in their lives. There is tons of awesome and geeky stuff out there for gamers and this list is by no means the most comprehensive, but it is a fun place to start or get ideas.

Thadeous: For a table top gamer I would start with the flashing D20 over at Think Geek. Every time your geek scores a crit it will flash and let everyone at the table know what hot shit he/she is. If you are thinking your special gamer might have too many dice or not enough space for them you might want to get them a custom dice bag from Dragon Chow Dice Bags. Right now you can save %15 if you enter the coupon code 4Geeks (limited time).

For those gamers seeking to bring their friends and loved ones into the gamer lifestyle I would recommend 3 different games: 1. Gamma World is a  fast and furious post apocalyptic adventure for the whole gang. 2. Munchkin plays on all the classic tropes of RPGs monster movies or adventure flicks this game is a great way to teach people about the basics of gaming systems while having a great laugh. 3. Castle Ravenloft the board game, half board game half RPG all action and all good times.

Some accessories I have found to be fun and useful if not distracting at the table would be a pencil sharpening robot you can never find a pencil sharpener when you need one and you can never have too many robots doing your bidding. Next would be a USB powered drink cooler, sometimes your Mtn Dew just won’t stay cool long enough for a gamer to take their turn and for that this drink cooler is the answer. Last but not least would be the DMs Tip guide by Mike Shea aka Mike Shea. When I say this book isn’t a terrible gift idea I mean it’s not a terrible idea to give this to a DM you know; it’s a great idea!

Geek Ken: One product I’ve gushed about before are Litko condition counters. They have a lot of neat tokens and markers and I feel these would make a great gift for D&D players. Another item that many of us have posted about on This is My Game is Gamma World. As it is a complete RPG in one box, Gamma World is a fun jump into the RP hobby and is a hoot to play.

Arcane Springboard: I’m going to do things a bit differently.  I’m going to list the things that I want for Christmas from the Wizards (I’ll accept these presents for next year though).

  • DMG3 – I think there is a desperate need for a DMG that focuses on the Epic Tier.  WotC could even make this like an ‘advanced’ DM’s Kit that would include the advice on how to run Epic Tier campaigns and adventures, but include additional monsters (and tokens!), more themes, more traps, more terrain.  They could include some maps appropriate for Epic adventures, and include a spectacular, over the top Epic adventure.
  • More Adventures in D&D Insider:  Dungeon – I still have a lot of the early Dungeon issues, and loved them.  They often were out-of-the box original, and better yet, there was about 3-5 adventures per issue.  Although it was only a bi-monthly magazine, those earlier issues still have 1 or 2 more adventures per month than DDI currently has.  Plus, there was a lot more variation in levels.  How many Chaos Scar adventures do we really need?  More Paragon adventures please!  And while we’re at it, make them more like Mass Effect and Dragon Age – make the PCs have to make gut wrenching choices…not just whether to go this way or that way in the dungeon (eg the choice on how to save the Arl’s son in Dragon Age…that was kick in the balls).
  • More Campaign Settings – WotC has really knocked it out of the park with the last two campaign settings.  In fact the Eberron Campaign Setting and the two Dark Sun books are probably in the top 5 supplements since 4e came out.  I’m concerned that WotC didn’t really announce a new campaign setting this year (though Ravenloft might end up fitting).  I know a lot of people would love a 4e Greyhawk setting, especially given the recent retro kick WotC has been on.  However, my vote would be…
  • Mystara – This was my first campaign setting, and if it wasn’t for Eberron, I’d probably be using it.  I realize that the odds of this are about as good as Sarah Darkmagic declaring her love of dungeons (I kid), but I’d be happier than a kid in a candy store to see it.  After all, it has a Hollow World, and specifically has Epic Tier goals as an integral part of the setting!  Come on WotC…you already brought back the Red Box! 🙂
  • Rare Magic Items that are cool – I’m really glad that WotC put the distribution of magic items back to the perview of the DM.  However, I’m…underwhelmed by the current crop of Rare magic items.  They just don’t come of as being ‘cool’ to me.  When you compare them to earlier editions of Holy Avengers, Vorpal Swords, Rings of Shooting Stars and Staffs of Power, they just don’t compare.  I’m holding out hope that this will be dealt with this spring though.
  • Marvel Super Heroes 4e – Yeah…pie in the sky…but who wouldn’t want to play Wolverine or Nightcrawler?

DreadGazebo: To make the D&D portion of my list short and sweet, and to stop from droning on again about what I think is awesome from the new D&D lineup this year, I’ll just give the top 3 most useful and worthwhile offerings from WoTC this year.

That being said let’s move on to the generic geek toys, but still within the gamer vein. Also, since I’m the resident video game addict I’ll toss some of those in too:

  • For video gamers – Big Releases actually worth the cash:
  • Halo Reach (Xbox 360) – the best halo title yet, solid and replayable
  • Assassins Creed 2 (& Brotherhood) (Consoles) – Compelling storyline, beautifully detailed cities, assassinate historical religious figures!
  • Red Dead Redemption (Consoles) – Not a fan of westerns? This game might change your tune. Cinematic and fun.
  • WoW Cataclysm (PC) (proceed with caution) – No need for explaining
  • For video gamers – Games you might miss but need to be playing, oldies but goodies, under 20$:
  • Trine (PC) – Side scrolling RPG goodness, awesome graphics. Addictive.
  • Battlefield Bad Company 2 (PC) – the most solid army shooter of the year, better than any recent Call of Duty titles.
  • DarkSiders (PC & Console) – Imagine post apocalyptic zelda with one of the 4 horsemen as your main character, also Mark Hamill does voice acting!
  • Dragon Age Origins (PC & Console) – if you loved any old school bioware/black isle games, this is it’s spiritual predecessor.
  • Dead Space (PC & Console) – Survival horror done right the first time since the original Resident Evil & Silent Hill games
  • Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 (PC & Console) – Campy zombie slaughterfest, loads of fun. You can play as the zombies too
  • Torchlight (PC) – Still waiting for diablo 3? Me too, this might tide you over.
  • AmnesiaThe Dark Descent (PC) – Cthulhu horror done right, really really right. Scary as hell. Awesome.
  • Classic RPG’s & Adventure games on (PC) – all the great games from the past few decades, all compatible for modern OS’s (no hacks, dosbox, etc.)

Part idiot. Part old man. All geek. Thadeous can't think of anything interesting about him self right now. Know this though if he could it would be creative and funny as well as thought provoking.

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Thadeous can't think of anything interesting about him self right now. Know this though if he could it would be creative and funny as well as thought provoking.
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