Greetings from Beautiful Ft Wayne, Indiana (aka DDXP)

This is going to be a quick update-

I arrived yesterday – we took off right when the snow started falling and there’s probably a whole other blog post about the road trip/buddy movie you always experience on the way to a convention. The short story is: You should always travel with friends. In our case, we flew from Baltimore to Chicago, had a layover, and then a flight to indianapolis. From Indianapolis, we drove a rental car for 2 hours to reach Ft. Wayne. It was cheaper this way, seriously.

Ok, so here’s what has happened so far:

Found the hotel (which is new this year- we were at the hotel across the street last year) and checked in. Not to hack on the accomodations of last year but this is a *very nice* hotel.

Saw a lot of familiar faces! Heard some stories about people being stuck in the weather/grounded from flight or “expected in a bit later..”

Got invited to a game. These are called “Slot zero” games- if your’e a judge you usually only have to run one or two games for the whole event (you might run the same adventure 3 or 4 or 7 times, though). Often you want to sort of do a test-run. It’s a sort of courtesy for other DMs to join as players. I played Sheena, my semi-retired 7th level tiefling rogue. She was fun as usual, doing her acrobatic handspring assault routine.

One thing that was cool- I hadn’t expected to play so I basically sat down at the hotel business center, logged into my DDI account and printed a copy of her charsheet out. So having the character builder online was great.

I also picked up my DM schedule, plus a nifty new DM Screen, and badge and whatever else they had to give me. (I got a promotional Gamma World card, that was kinda cool). I also got a paper inviting me to the Virtual Table beta.. which I’m already a tester. I should post about that too.. soon.

Anyhow, we played this Slot zero and discussed some feedback and then I went to bed. Now I’m up again- it’s 6AM, and I’m wearing my red judges shirt. I have some news regarding the D&D Classic adventure (Kalarel’s Revenge) as well- but I need to confirm some stuff. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open.

Any questions you want me to ask or anything you want me to find out? Let me know!

Part idiot. Part old man. All geek. Nunya!

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