#DDXP Report: About to Start Day 2

Yesterday: I started the day by DMing an adventure set in Myth Drannor- the first group even included some friends of mine from Maryland. We also started to get word in (via twitter and other places) that other people from Maryland and the surrounding areas (where I’m coming from)  just didn’t make it in. 🙁

It started snowing here in Ft Wayne yesterday as well- enough that it was piling up. I’m not sure how often things close down around Ft Wayne, but people seemed to take it in stride.

I also got my first Greek burger of the convention, which was awesome, and just as good as I remember it from last year. I swear they should feature this thing on Man vs Food or one of those foodie shows about unique diner creations. The greek burger is the bomb.

One thing I missed (because I was headed into adventure #2) was the product review- so even though I managed to sit in on the end of the Organized Play portion of the seminars, I was too busy DMing to see what Legend of Drizzt or whatever was going to look like. Aww. So on that front, anyhow, I know only as much as you do.

What is out there looks good. I am excited about the March of the Phantom Brigade and especially neverwinter- each season of Encounters, we’ve learned a bit more about how to present D&D in the short form (1 -2 hours)  while still bringing in campaign-like elements. March of the Phantom Brigade and Neverwinter (which is the next season after that) both seem to have a lot of great features. We also found out that the top performing 900 DMs (and I’m almost positive I’m on this list) are getting some kind of reward package- which is supposed to have a calendar and some other stuff. It gets sent to the stores.

Fortune Cards are getting talked about- Ok- if you sign up for the D&D Classic (Revenge of Kalarel?- it’s the one that is kind of a sequel to Keep on the Shadowfell…)  and play that, apparently you get a small stack of these and a questionairre. I have two open afternoon slots (one today, one tomorrow..) so my plan is to crash one of these and find out more.

I ended the day with an adventure of my own- “Journey to Najarra”- a sort of D&D Back to the Future MyRealms. It in volves a bit of time travel back to the prehistory of Faerun, and there’s even a guest appearance by Labelas Enoreth’s avatar.

This morning I’m running Gamma World! My adventure is set in the ruins of Baltimore, where crime and corruption has gotten so out of control, that the Police Department was long ago completely been replaced by robots who evenetually decided the best way to keep order was to exterminate all life. The PCs will be mutants looking to escape to a place called Ft. Carroll, in the middle of the Patapsco River.

Overall- weather is kinda tough and I’m sorry we won’t get to see all of our friends this year.

Part idiot. Part old man. All geek. Nunya!

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