#DDXP Update – Virtual Table, Fortune Cards In Hand (I’ve got some) and more…

A little spoiler here- I’m already a WOTC Virtual Table beta tester.. And now, I think the invitation is being extended to all DDXP attendees (well at least the ones who fill out their invitation slips). The big news here as far as I can tell is that they are getting the applications integrated in the next two weeks. So that means you should be able to bring characters and monsters over from their builders into the gametable eventually.  I will post a much more in-depth review of the Game table and an open invite to my game soon. I run a game on Monday nights. (Well, it’s open if you happen to be in on the beta..) Look for a game called Tanglemire on Monday nights. That’s me!

So far today I ran Gamma World in a somewhat hilariously unprepared way- well.. I was prepared. The PCs battled out in the streets of Baldy-mort against the vestiges of robotic police and riot forces that had long ago replaced Baldy-mort’s corrupt police forces. At the end they made a shady deal with a Carrin Dark Emperor, impressed a group of fens (fish-men!), tracked down the complete works of Dostoyevsky from the library, including several volumes that had been checked out and never returned.. and then betrayed the Carrin and made a run for Ft Carroll. Then I had the next slot open so I got to be a player for once in the D&D Classic-

Which means I got to try out the Fortune Cards…
Yes, if you played the D&D Classic (Kalarel’s Revenge)  at DDXP, you get two packs of the Fortune cards.. and also you get to try out the classes and races and stuff from Heroes of Shadow book. My character was an Essentials Knight with a semi-undead race- (The Vyrlakos.. similar to the way the Dhampyr feat tree works..). The story in this adventure is very cool- we basically played bad guys, trying to recruit for our mercenary company. I was a knight (fighter) supposed to keep an eye on my mob-boss like superior (a blackguard paladin) who was starting to overstep his authority. Other characters included a revenant spirit-binder and a shade.

Ok, so I now have 2 packs of Fortune cards. And although they aren’t exactly like RPGA rewards cards, theyre kinda neat. The effects are very minor- I think on one card, and most importantly, don’t necessarily help you every round. One round I turned over a card (“Strength in Numbers! ” or “Stand together” or something.. ) that would have given me a +1 bonus to hit if I were standing next to allies when I was halfway across the battlefield. (It didn’t get used). Another time I turned over a  card called “Gambler’s Dodge”. When I got hit, I could roll a d20 -and if I rolled a 10+, I would only take half. And if I rolled a 9 or below.. I would take extra damage. So that was fun.. it’s was pretty random.

None of these seem to represent items or powers. They just kinda seem to represent a minor circumstance thing. It was fun. You could take em or leave em, really, but the controversy is just stupid.

We got to keep the fortune cards after the game.

Right now I’m in the hotel lobby pounding this out. I have a stack of printouts next to me for an original adventure I’m running. The one I did last night was about time travel.. I think this one will be a jungle-themed temple dungeon with a hydra centerpiece.

I also got a chance to buy a new set of dice (Chessex bone-ivory colored.. very plain, actually), and a dice bag and some cutesy art cards from Dark Platypus. Dark Platypus is awesome. I knew when I was picking out my dice bag and I picked up a bladeling archer looking babe and the artists said “That’s one of my characters, by the way” that these guys were cool. Highly recommended.

Alright, ready to rock this one. See you on Saturday!

Part idiot. Part old man. All geek. Nunya!

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