#DDXP Wrap Up- Saturday and Sunday

The show is over and I’m back home at last…

First of all, this was a totally kick-ass DDXP. I’ve been to all of the DDXP’s so far (and the last 3 or 4 of the Winter Fantasy conventions)  and this one sort of topped them all in ways I was not expecting.

On Saturday night I ran my time-travel adventure- rethemed for jungle, set in Chult, during the waning days of the Sarruhk empire of Mhairshaulk. (Which is a bunch of Forgotten Realms lore that equates to “prehistoric times with lizardfolk all over the place..)

I missed 🙁 the new product seminar, and just about everything but the tail end of Organized Play seminars because I was in a game- either DMing or playing. But luckily someone liveblogged.

People had great attitudes at this show! I saw a lot of familiar faces, and I met a lot of new people as well.. enthusiastic and fun.  I didn’t get to play in the Battle Interactive- but all of my friends did, and I’m proud to say that of the special one-of-a-kind magical items that were won during the BI- 10% of them are going to Glen Burnie, MD with players I happen to know- my friend Colin won a magic bowstring that belonged to a legendary hero of the realms, and Hudson (on a different day) ended up with a banner. Very cool.

The rumor is that there will be another Battle Interactive at Origins.. don’t miss this!

One of the puzzles I used in the adventure I wrote was a puzzle which I will show you here, because I’m proud of it:Once the players figured out that they’d accidentally fallen through time, they were met by an avatar of Labelas Enoreth who was trying to repair the time stream before they ended up (Back to the Future-style) changing things that would alter their own character histories. Labelas says he can’t help them outright, but gives the PCs a magical hourglass that will guide them back to the nearest planar portal, reattuned to send them back through time..

The underneath of the hourglass showed this:

The hourglass leads them (after battling off some primitive wyvern-riding hobgoblins) to a temple of Sseth, which the players battled their way through– just before the final encounter and the portal itself (guarded by a Hydra- which is now my absolute favorite solo monster) to a magical vault door deep in the temple. Early in the temple they find the “key” is the four letter name of a goddess. And they know the name. So they are thinking, ah, home free, as soon as we find the door.

Now here’s the puzzle:

Feel free to post your answers in the comments below, by the way.

In the end- very few of the characters could resist the temptation of changing history or changing it accidentally. I started the game by getting some details about character backgrounds and family histories and then when they returned to the future, I told them certain details had changed.. and we worked out what those details were. Time travel is fun 😉 I’m going to run another adventure where the PCs can fix their time-lines back to the original or screw them up even further, I think.

LFR Updates- I like the new way that the adventures are tiered at the heroic level (a single adventure can be run as a level 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 level of difficulty): this made for better tables I think, and it was easier to keep small groups who had traveled together in the same group. It felt more intimate when I was DMing if the PCs had some history together.

I also got a chance to play Ashes of Athas on Saturday night- which was really fun- my character, Agate, is a goliath fighter who happens to have joined the Veiled Alliance because she’s pregnant and fears bringing a child into such a harsh world when people only want to make it worse. Ashes is a very different campaign than LFR- I’m interested to see how the story develops!

Sunday I got up and ran SPEC3-1 one last time, and it ran at the highest difficulty- level 10.. with a great group- very tightly coordinated and tactical, a pair of dragonborn (a fighter and a paladin), a ranger, and a tiefling warlord leading them all. I had worked out every last kink by this time and even tried something different by introducing a complication into one of the battles by having the enemy spellcaster lock himself into a tower to attempt completing a ritual once the battle turned against him, and ramping up the difficulty slightly by using the 5-player version over the 4-player (effectively the same because the incanter came out of the tower to fight for a few rounds and then ran back in and barred the doors shut, until they broke the door down).

DM Rewards: You DM for Baldman Games, you get swag.. and I got an armload. I ended up with a sneak preview of Wrath of Ashardalon (technically not even out yet!) as well as the Monster Vault and Wilderness Tiles. The difficulty of lugging my box o’ minis around the con has juuuust about convinced me to go to counters and map-tiles over the plastic. But then I also got a Heroscape Hydra mini I used in my MyRealms adventure.. that thing rocked. I guess we’ll see..

Greatest DDXP ever! Thanks everyone. See you at GenCon!

Part idiot. Part old man. All geek. Nunya!

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