Happy birthday #3! and Giveaway #4!

It’s time to give away more stuff! The ultimate dungeon masters giveaway! Today we are giving away a deluxe Dungeon Masters screen for Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition & a copy of Mike Shea’s Dungeon Masters Tips book. For those of you who have read Mikes book he has just released his second book on DMing Epic level games. You can check it out here!

AND THE WINNER IS: Dicefist! We will be contacting you via email shortly to get your information.

We are also kicking off our last giveaway of our first birthday celebration! This time we are going for the big guns, we are not giving away any game supplements or game aids. This week we are giving away an entire game!

This is My Game is going to give one lucky winner a copy of “Wrath of Asharadlon” The brand new 4th edition based board game. As with all of our birthday giveaways we are asking you to do nothing more than leave us a happy birthday comment in this post and wait until next week when we draw a winner.

As always the rules are as follows:

  1. Only enter if you are going to use the prize. If I (Thadeous)  find out you have sold your prize, or given it away on another site I will show up at your house and beat you about the face an neck.
  2. Do not create alternate accounts and enter more than once. It’s not fair, it’s not cool and it will result in the same punishment as breaking rule #1
  3. International entries will be responsible for covering shipping cost over $8.50USD, if you win and it costs more than that you will have to cover the remainder.
  4. Rules are subject to change at the whim of the creator and authors of this site.
  5. By entering you will be granting the creator and authors of this site the rights to use your likeness and name in promotions related to this site and contest, and to glue pictures of your face and head on images of bikini models for shits and giggles.

Part idiot. Part old man. All geek. Thadeous can't think of anything interesting about him self right now. Know this though if he could it would be creative and funny as well as thought provoking.

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Thadeous can't think of anything interesting about him self right now. Know this though if he could it would be creative and funny as well as thought provoking.
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77 Responses

  1. Woohhooo! Sign me up!

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. I need to win this.

  4. This looks better than the Ravenloft game.

  5. OMFG Once again sign me up for this one! The third is the winner, eh?

    Once again, Happy Birthday TiMG!

  6. Damn…I’m guessing I’m ineligible. 🙂

  7. Oooo, pick me, pick me!

  8. Happy birthday again! 🙂

    (can you guys have birthdays more often? 😉 )

    The prizes are getting better and better 😀 I love Ravenloft, and am eager to see how Asharadlon holds out too, so please stick me in the running 🙂

  9. I’d really like to win this one.

  10. Happy Birthday, This is My Game! Here’s hoping for many more.

  11. Happy Birthday TiMG! Another fine celebration and I am very glad for you invite to the party. Our group can think of nothing better in celebration than delving for dragon!

  12. I’d love this one, and the grasshopper would probably get a real kick out of helping me unpack everything.

  13. Happy Birthday TiMG and may many more come after it!
    An epic prize to be giving away, fo’sho!

  14. Happy birthday! This would be a great prize to win! Count me in!

  15. you don’t need to bribe me to wish you a happy birthday; but i won’t refuse it either…

  16. Happy birthday! Lets do this!

  17. Happy Birthday!!! Please pick me, I’m far away but i’ll cover the cost of shipping it here!

  18. Happy… dum, dum dum…. Birthday!!

  19. If I win this, I will TOTALLY PLAY IT!


  21. Happy free stuff! I mean birthday!

  22. I would LOVE to win this!!

  23. Happy B-Day, Your site rocks!

  24. Happy Birthday!

  25. Wow… I would love this.

  26. Happy Hatchday. Keep the great content coming.

  27. Please sign me up for the “Wrath of Ashardalon” board game contest. Thanks.

  28. Please enter me in the contest!

  29. Hippo birdie, two ewes! Hippo birdie, two ewes! Hippo birdie two eewwees! Hippo birdie, two ewes!


  30. Happy Birthday – and nice cake!

  31. Happy Birthday Indeed and I really hope I win!!! I like new toys!

  32. Looks awesome! Happy B-day on the gaming/blogging front.

  33. Happy Birthday wishes continue!

  34. I’d love to win a copy of this!

  35. Happy birthday! And keep up the good work!

  36. Oh! Me! Me! I’d love to play this with my kids, who will LOVE it.

    And Happy Birthday!

  37. ¡Feliz cumpleaños!


  39. Happy Birthday! This looks like a good one!

  40. Happy birthday from England!

  41. Happy Birthday!

  42. Dddddddddddddddrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaagon!

  43. Happy Birthday! Maybe we can play a board game together to celebrate? =)

  44. Happy birthday, TC!

  45. Happy Bday!


  47. Happy birthday from Sweden

  48. This sounds awesome. Happy Birthday and good luck to me!

  49. Happy Birthday!

  50. Heh, can’t believe I missed this- have a good one!

  51. Happy birthday

  52. Happy Birthday people!

  53. Congrats. Happy bday

  54. This is My Happy Birthday wish to you!

  55. Gimme gimme & a happy birthday!

  56. Happy Birthday!

  57. Happy birthday Ye olde site. The dice must flow.

  58. Happiest Burthday! <3

  59. I would love to win this!

  60. Happy Birfday!

  61. Sign me up please

  62. Yes please! 🙂

  63. Happy birthday! Keep up the great work!

  64. Happy happy b’day!

  65. I was just about to buy it… But now I will wait for your fancy drawings and stuff.

  66. Happy Birthday!

  67. Happy birthday indeed! Keep it up.

  68. Happy birthday! Woop!

  69. Happy Birthday!

  70. Happy Birthday!

  71. *blows cheap paper, party noisemaker enthusiastically*

  72. Happy First and wish you many more!!

  73. i was really happy to win the DM swag contest and the deluxe 4e screen sees good use at our table. i never received the Sly Flourish book. could someone email me? i am more than happy to pay post. (i have it in pdf but would love a hardcopy, plus bragging rights to my kids!)

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