4E Cutout Condition Markers

I’m a huge fan of using some type of physical markers or tokens when playing games. This love is especially pertinent when keeping track of effects in 4E. There’s a lot of small things to keep track in combat with status conditions, bonuses to AC, things getting bloodied, so keeping track of all of it can be a challenge. Having something physically to put down on the table helps, and it’s much easier than trying to keep track of everything by writing it down on a sheet of paper.

There are a lot of resources and ideas out there for keeping track of status effects (some neat ones like old soda bottle rings). I’ve seen some interesting ones like stickers on minis or using more frugal items like pipe cleaners. There are also plenty of products you can purchase (like the wonderful Litko 4E tokens).

In the past I was using colored markers, but was leaning towards having something with some text as a written description. As a cheap solution I whipped up a small sheet of conditional markers.

It’s designed to print out on one sheet. You can print on card stock, or mount on thin cardboard to make them a little easier to handle. I’ve also included a few tokens to mark areas of effect as some powers have zones that are sustained throughout an encounter. They are fairly and functional and work okay if you are on a budget. So if you are looking for some cheap functional condition markers, I think these will do the trick. Hope folks enjoy them.

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Geek Ken likes games. Sometimes he likes to blog about them too.
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