Dungeon Master Tips in 140 characters or so #22.

Finish this sentence! Do it now! really I have run a bit short on questions for the Dungeon Master Tips articles. I knew it would happen at some point. I am working on a submission page so readers can ask questions they want all the DMs on twitter to answer. Until that is up and running I have some “finish this sentence” style DT140s for ya!


DMs: Finish this sentence: In my game rules are…

gamefiend: …tools to serve the story we want to tell.

theweem: …secondary to the story of the players.


GMRaphi: …tools!

Hzurr: …similar to the pirates code. More of a guideline, really.

greywulf: (I’ll behave now) …… secondary to the story.

silhouetteB: in my games the rules are DnD 4e

pdunwin: … very important, but not the last word.

WyattSalazar: not D&D

D_Gibb: In my game rules are a guideline but not the final word. Fun & cinematic plot-driven gaming is the goal.

8one6: … there to serve the fun. When they stop doing that you change the rules

michaeldhm: …in service, at the mercy, of the narrative and of fun.

nupperibo: broken for our amusement

ArcaneSpringbrd: a framework that I’m loathe to alter without good reason.

RalavinGray: …are strong guidelines, but not immutable.

EldritchFire: “commonly accepted guidelines”

sajflorida: light and optional. Only rule 0 exists always.

exedore6: More guidelines really.

d20pfsrd: guidelines.

dagorym: … enforced or changed as I see fit.

TheAngryDM: … rules are there to provide an illusion of fairness and equity so the players blame themselves for everything that goes wrong.

TrickyTaco: …flexible when needed.

DMSamuel:guidelines that help me adjudicate the actions of the players, nothing more, nothing less

ObsidianCrane: In my game rules are…important guidelines not absolute. I follow them for ease. Story & fun matter more.

AlioTheFool: …critical to my enjoyment of the game.

BrianLiberge: about to rock your world baby! Whoooo!

b_s_lynn: …to guide the players & give a stable level to work from.

cjthrasher: In my game, rules are the plate that keeps your delicious meal from being a lump of goo on the table.

d20monkey: important to the game but not as important as the story or the fun the players experience. The rules are not the gospel

DeusInnomen: meant to be firm but fair for both the players and the DM, and are open to short debate when it doesn’t hinder the game.


DMs: Finish this sentence: What my game needs is…

CubeSteve: …less fun.” Seriously, we’re just having waaay too much of it and it’s distracting!

arcanegeek: a swifter pace

d20monkey: more players who want to role-play and actually care about the work I put into story.

DMSamuel: … more ritual use – I am working on setting situations so they are useful

DeuceDM: …imaginative players!

Hzurr: …players who are slightly less ADD

D_Gibb: What my game really needs is a consistent game night and more than two players.

grickherd: …more wondering monsters.

AlioTheFool: …to actually exist. 🙁

Players: Finish the sentence: I wish my DM…

GeekyLyndsay: bought me flowers more often!

d20pfsrd: didn’t procrastinate so much or was better prepared or didn’t railroad so much, take your pick

valthonis: …wasn’t always me. 🙂

KatoKatonian: …would stop lighting me on fire.

d20monkey: would stop taking victory laps with my burning character sheet and pile of melted dice slag. (if I played in @TheAngryDM game)

b_s_lynn: Would plan alternatives to combat.

Rugsrat:  would prepare ahead of time. Looking at the MM and saying “this looks fun!” is not a good prep method.

DMs: Finish this sentence: I wish my players would…

deadorcs: …Would harass me about putting up all kinds of campaign information, and then be eager to receive that information.

DnDPrincessAria:didn’t try to fight me on ruling. Especially when I (the DM) say no, “but the book says at DM discretion!”

TheIdDM: …would be just 25% more invested in the world I spend hours creating.

robcooper22: I wish my players would… Role-play more and take over the narrative. I know the answer, ‘Lead by example.’ Anything else?

ObsidianCrane: what @deadorcs said!

OregonPinkRose: reply to simple e-mails so I feel they are enjoying the game, and so I can include a little bit of character backstory

digitaldraco: …would be more willing to post stuff on @obsidianportal.

SlyFlourish: … loved Essentials.

KatoKatonian: … knew how much fun it is to DM for them.



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Thadeous can't think of anything interesting about him self right now. Know this though if he could it would be creative and funny as well as thought provoking.
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