Dungeon Master Tips in 140 characters or so: Confessions

I decided to make a few real and silly confessions the other day over twitter, what followed was a cascade of both serious and hilarious confessions from DMs and Players across the board. I decided to make an archive of them so anyone who wants to can read and remember the day we all confessed our deepest RPG secrets.

ThadeousC: I think today should be #dnd confessions day #dndconfessions

WyattSalazar:  I legitimately enjoy powergaming the D&D 3.5 Wizard to the worst extremes

ThadeousC: I have a confession to make I don’t always take my own advice when I DM a game

wesleykhall: Sometimes I circumvent the rules to have a good time

ThadeousC: I don’t actually roll 20s, some times I roll 40s

Trabant: fact: my preferred edition > your preferred edition

Bassdotexe:  I hate some of my players at my table. Not just how they play, but actually hate them. The game must go on.

sajflorida:  I don’t even play #dnd anymore, I choose Castlesand Crusades as my primary game of choice.

ThadeousC: I once had a DM kill my character because his girlfriend thought I was hot, true story

TheBeardyGamer: I kinda want my 9th level ranger to get killed so I can re-roll as a summoner.

ThadeousC: I never kill characters, only players

Bassdotexe: I decide to rum my campaigns again every time I forget who I would be runnning them for.

Bassdotexe: I have stolen the last five NPCs I have made from a certain fantasy series of a final variety

Bassdotexe: I also think that the community is full of whiners, and that I am one of them.

Bassdotexe: I stopped my original campaign, so I could spend more time playing video games. I’ve been re-working Ravenloft ever since.

ThadeousC: I usually make up about 40% of my monsters on the spot, 80% of them turn out to be awesome.

newbiedm: i’ve never played an rpg in my life. Newbiedm was a social media experiment for my grad thesis. It went too far.

Bassdotexe: Didn’t tell my PCs there is cure 4 the disease destroying their constitution. They are all power gamers, and I don’t care 2.

StartingTavern: I sometimes fudge hp on monsters, because I want to add to a dramatic finish.

geekken: Considered resolving combats through a dexterity game. If you knock over a mini rolling a d20, you kill them.

ThadeousC: I play #dnd for the chicks and the fame

deadorcs: Everything I learned about dm’ing, I learned from Tracy Hickman.

ThadeousC: I want to hear some #dndconfessions from @TheAngryDM

TheAngryDM@ThadeousC What #dndconfessions are you hoping to hear? That I once fudged a die roll to keep someone alive despite their stupidity?

Bassdotexe: I absolutely ABHOR dwarves, and I treat people like crap for loving them.

TheAngryDM: Sometimes, for just a split second after a really good TPK, I feel something a little like guilt. But it goes away.

Bassdotexe: I’ve written a pile of angry letters to Wizards of the Coast about the ever shrinking crunch under lots of aliases.

Bassdotexe: I’ve only paid for one adventure for D&D, and it was in second edition.

ThadeousC: I once let a player roll a d12 instead of a 20 just because I thought it was funny.

ThadeousC: I secretly am jealous of all the people who have gotten to be in @d20monkey ‘s comic, especially @deadorcs and his poncho

4eDnD:  I sometimes make up characters with the hope of actually playing them.

4eDnD: I’ve never played “Settlers of Catan”, but I really want to.

davidnett: Sometimes when the party simply bypasses hours and hours of my game prep I wanna scream “are you frakking kidding me?”

AlioTheFool: I bought the GM guide 2 weeks ago.  RT @ThadeousC: I have a confession to make, last week I bought Pathfinder #dnd #rpg

theweem: I have not played “#dnd” since last November – #Pathfinder has been finding all of my play time since then…

TheIdDM: I alter monster hit points on the fly depending on the pace of the battle.

TheIdDM: I just bought three more sets of dice in anticipation of my @dragonchow dice bag yet I already own four sets of dice.

RobertWThomson: A player at another table told me he often enjoys reading my “OH @ the game table” tweets more than he enjoys his own game.

TheAngryDM: Sometimes, when I’m running the game, I go commando.

GenCon4James: I sent a stupid tweet because I didn’t read through my stream, and thus missed the point of  #dndconfessions.  #confessionsaboutdndconfessions

TheAngryDM: I think the dwarf women in the 4E PHB are hot.

RobertWThomson: For D&D or Pathfinder, I have a set of dice for each different character I play or NPC I run. New game means new dice.

warpgames: I sometimes make up big powers as I go, if I feel like the fight isn’t whittling the player characters down enough.

brannonhutchins: What? Who would think that? >_> RT @TheAngryDM I think the dwarf women in the 4E PHB are hot.

Level30yinzer: When @d20monkey talks nerdy to me (especially about #DnD), it usually ends with me saying “I’ll be in my bunk.”

the_blind_GM: i have on more then one occasion considered getting a tatoo of something i read in a sorce book

DeinolMcCthulhu: Ditto, sub 2008 for Nov. RT “@theweem: I have not played “#dnd” since last November – #Pathfinder has all of my play…

d20monkey: When I was 11, I rolled up my first wizard and based him on Elminster.

davidnett: I’ve played with the same set of dice since I was 13, replacing them only 1x w a set that looked exactly the same.

RobertWThomson: Despite now being a publisher, I’m still a fanboy at heart, and getting email from the likes of Ed Greenwood makes me giddy.

RenaissanceDork@d20monkey My wizard’s back in Basic D&D were every variation of Gandalf you could think of (Gandulf, Gaandalf, Gandelph)

RobertWThomson: My most recent tattoo is of one of my favorite NPCs – a female halfling bard named Rachael.

RobertWThomson: I do the same thing! RT @TheIdDM: I alter monster hit points on the fly depending on the pace of the battle.

adamjford: I wish everyone who loves #dnd and its various editions and derivatives would just get along. 🙁

d20monkey: When I started DMing (at 11) I HATED the idea of maps and miniatures.

ThadeousC: Secretly I love the fact that 4e makes me have to collect toys again

ThadeousC: I feel bad for everyone who will never to get to play #dnd or any #RPG for that matter

d20monkey: I never like the kill PCs but I will.

davidnett: I miss combat where it all just took place in all our heads and no one ever wondered how many squares they could move.

davidnett: I miss my old #dnd group so much I made an #indieTV show about us (@goldtheseries), & another based on an adventure we ran.

RobertWThomson: YES RT @davidnett: I miss combat where it all took place in our heads & no 1 ever wondered how many squares they could move.

davidnett: Favorite gaming moments: when a player describes something awesome they want to do that is not covered by any rules.

davidnett: I keep a list of friends I wanna game with. It’s a mile long & I’ll never play w even a fraction of them, & it makes me sad.

Level30yinzer:  I wish I’d had the testicular fortitude to tell my players to STFU instead of giving up and sad-walking away

StartingTavern: Not me, but I can see the point RT @dreadgazeebo: I can’t stand the way 80% of my players go about playing the game.

ThadeousC: Some times it makes me sad that we can’t just play our games more and argue/complain less

DreadGazeebo: I think min/maxing eventually completely saps players of all of their critical thinking skills

DreadGazeebo: Organized play seems like a super rigid way to run such a free format game of zero boundaries and limitless possibility

jelmore: My only experience with Drizzt Do’Urden is in Baldur’s Gate; I’ve never read any book with him in it.

craftysquid: I like other classes, but I really only want to play a wizard.

warpgames: I love 4E, but I miss the days of player ingenuity winning out over dice rolls. What ever happened to the ten foot pole?

warpgames: Whenever I read boxed text, I do it in the most epic voice I can muster. Describing things at home, I use my normal voice.

gieser: So true RT @davidnett I miss combat where it just took place in our heads & no one wondered how many squares they could move

warpgames: I once considered getting a dragonmark tattoo, but couldn’t figure out which House I liked best.

psychopez:  I really do not care about the history of the game, the old modules and rules, and how it formed the game today. I’m not >>

HotPinkJoystick: I think Fighters are boring.

HotPinkJoystick: I’ve secretly always wanted to play a Bard.

Photowalker1983@d20monkey I never like killing PCs either, but by Gods I’ll give them a glories, or goriest, one!

JediTwit: Never played tomb of horrors

darkcyril: DND hasn’t really “wowed” me for some years now.

HotPinkJoystick: I tried to like 4E. And I’m just not convinced yet.

nedlud: I want to play Keep on the Borderland again.

cecilguy: Unfortunately, I agree. RT @DreadGazeebo I can’t stand the way 80% of my players go about playing the game.

cecilguy: I love 4e but I also really miss 3.5.

cecilguy:  The only reason I started up my Friday #dnd group was to spend more time with my brother, like when we were young.

warpgames: A #dndconfessions a little too long for twitter: http://t.co/SpuPzxD

saveversusdeath: I hate #dnd

ThadeousC: I don’t think any of my #dnd pitches to WotC were actually all that great.

blindgeekuk: I added steampunk to a basic d&D campaign, before I’d even heard of the genre

z_cochrane: one must be loyal to his dice! RT @davidnett: I’ve played with the same set of dice since I was 13.

drnuncheon: My first D&D character was an elf named Goldtree, because the example elf was Silverleaf and my character was better.

isaacsher@drnuncheon My first D&D character was named Michael Carrion, because I didn’t know Carrion meant “garbage” #dndconfessions

qstor2: I want to like 4e but I’m just kinda *eh*

JoJa_rpg: Know the bumper sticker “Dear God save me from your followers”? Thats kinda how I feel about @Wizards_DnD forums.

warpgames: I still use the old Adventure Tools because I hate the new #dndinsider. Like, a lot.

AlioTheFool: I use old also RT @warpgames: I still use the old Adventure Tools because I hate the new #dndinsider. Like, a lot.

Sean_Mc: Gamma World is going to kill my current home game, and I’m not sure if that upsets me or not.

d20monkey: I’d love to own a clean, well-stocked game store w/ plenty of tables and organized events. Run the shop and draw d20monkey.

RedRaggedFiend: My monsters can see the targets painted on squishy leaders and controllers and foam at the mouth with the sight

arkanjil: When it comes to #4e I still really don’t see what all of the fuss is about

Part idiot. Part old man. All geek. Thadeous can't think of anything interesting about him self right now. Know this though if he could it would be creative and funny as well as thought provoking.

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Thadeous can't think of anything interesting about him self right now. Know this though if he could it would be creative and funny as well as thought provoking.
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