Eclipse Phase – Breakdown: Calm Before the Storm

I talked last week about the characters that will be in my upcoming Eclipse Phase game. I finally had a chance to sit down with the last player and work over his character concept. I have to say, I’m excited about where this will take the game. His character is a Jovian, a bioconservative who dislikes all of the augmentations that humanity (not transhumanity, not in a Jovian’s eyes) is under going. Jovians generally want to keep humans human, and loathe things like uplifts and AGI. The kicker is this: his character is actually an AGI, but sleeved into a basic biomorph. He’s unaware of his true nature, and just seems like he’s naive. His character arc is going to be a really interesting one to explore.

That’s not what this post is about, though. That’s just the icing on the cake. What’s interesting about this point in time is the anticipation. We’re a little less than two weeks from our first session. Everyone has characters ready, and wants to see what’s going to happen to them once I start the first session. I’ve got all kinds of plans and machinations ready to go, but plans are only good until the first shot is fired, as they say.

This is the point of infinite potential.

I’ve not ever sat back and savored this time before. I usually rush headlong into each new gaming experience. I want so very much to know what’s going to happen that I crank up the anticipation, and more often than not, I’m let down. Even if the game is great, my own expectations get in the way. This time, I’m going to do something different. This time, I’m going to be still.

If I wanted to get super metaphorical, I’d describe this moment as sitting, surrounded by the potentials and probabilities of this game. Occasionally, I reach out and nudge one, tweaking my plans ever so slightly, and seeing the numbers change, seeing the possible outcomes spinning before me, waiting to unfold. From here, anything is possible. Once we begin, the very first interactions that we have will diminish our choices, working us down ever-narrowing paths of causality and consequence. But not right now. Right now, the future is infinite.

Of course, such metaphors remind me far too much of some of the existential dialogue found in the Matrix sequels, so I’ll hold off on indulging myself in such fripperies.

For the most part. Overindulging is part of the savor, after all.

I encourage you, if you’re planning for a new campaign, or even for the next session of your ongoing game, take some time, sit back, and enjoy this kind of moment. The moment before the first words are spoke, before the first die is cast. The moment where, for however brief of a time, anything is possible.

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Unrelenting font of ideas, both good and bad. Co-owner of Exploding Rogue Studios, and on Twitter as TheOtherTracy.

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