The Changing of the Guard

In case you haven’t noticed, there has been a lot of activity here on TiMG, specifically from Randall (DeadOrcs), and me (Tracy/Rolling20s). This might not come as a surprise to many of you, as Thadeous has posted not long ago that he was moving on from this site to other projects. Well, he has, but that doesn’t mean that This is My Game is done. Not by a long shot.

What Went Down

From my end, Thad contacted me the day before his post went up and let me know that he was moving on. I had written a couple of article for TiMG at the time, and I was glad of the courtesy of letting me know. I told him at the time that I wished I thought I could take over the site myself, but I didn’t think that I had the time to devote to running a full-on gaming blog by myself.

That’s where Randall came in.

Randall has been writing here for much longer than I have. Separately from that, I was going to be spending some time over the holidays with him and his lovely wife. He and Thad had been chatting on Twitter, and Randall let me know that “we had some stuff to talk about” once I got to his place. And, boy, did we.

Randall had also expressed interest in running TiMG, but had many of the same concerns that I did. When I got to his place and he asked me if I would run the site with him, as partners, it took me all of three seconds to say yes. We spent the next two hours or so hashing out our concerns, and a rough plan for how things were going to work moving forward. We would love this site to see the popularity of gaming bogs such as Critical Hits, and Gnome Stew, but mostly, we just want to write about the games we love.

As well, we would really like the other writers that have contributed here to keep writing for us. Things were good under Thad, and we hope to keep that going. To that end, expect daily articles, (some with art from our shiny new Staff Artist) and article series exploring all aspects of the tabletop RPG hobby.

That’s my take on things. But don’t go anywhere. Randall wants to share his take, too. Randall?

Taking the Initiative for a New Partnership

Thanks, Tracy. Well, there’s not a whole lot I can add, as Tracy has the gist of how everything went down. Thad had broached the topic of me taking over the site way back in August (shortly after GenCon). I was incredibly flattered, but knew at the time, that I would not be able to do everything myself. Additionally, I was also a little nervous about the whole idea. I really didn’t want to be the guy that “sank the This Is My Game ship”. Once I knew Tracy was on board, however, I knew that this partnership could work. Just talking with Tracy during his visit sealed the deal. We seem to be able to bounce ideas off of each other in a very organic and helpful fashion. It only took a couple of hours to realize that we could make This Is My Game a flagship in the RPG blogging community.

There will be some bumps, of course. Many of our authors have found other homes, uncertain of the fate of the site. I hope some will come back and become regular again, but it’s okay if that’s not in the cards. To help fill in the gaps, Tracy & I will be blogging regularly, and I will be moving my old site, “Initiative Or What?” as a column here on the site. We hope you’ll stick around for the journey. It’s going to be awesome.


Our names are Tracy Barnett & Randall Walker and This Is Our Game.

Part idiot. Part old man. All geek. Unrelenting font of ideas, both good and bad. Co-owner of Exploding Rogue Studios, and on Twitter as TheOtherTracy.


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Unrelenting font of ideas, both good and bad. Co-owner of Exploding Rogue Studios, and on Twitter as TheOtherTracy.

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