This is My Game: Ladybits Edition, ft Grinn

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Regardless of whether you feel that there’s something rotten in the state of denmark with regards to how women in pop culture art are portrayed, I can tell you that for many women these representations aren’t particularly empowering. In fact, I’d hazard to guess that most of us just sort of roll our eyes and ignore it, or even ogle it ourselves and then choose to actually play cool, kick ass characters at the table that remain completely untethered to the art that’s meant to represent us. As much as I like to get an eyeful of T&A myself, I can tell you I’d be just as excited to see more representations of women where the first thing I think isn’t “nice cheesecake!”

 The last and most key components of this are all the kick-ass lady gamers I know, and everything I know about their awesome characters. I wanted an opportunity to showcase the characters ladies are actually playing, in high contrast to the character art we’re given by the designers of any given game.

These are your characters, ladies, and This Is Your Game



Today I bring you Grinn, a character for and by Meredith Staton. It was actually hard for me to draw Grinn (hence missing last week’s update), not because her character had any particularly impossible to imagine quirks, but because Meredith is a talented artist herself, and this would not be the first time Grinn has been tackled as a subject. I admit, I was intimidated.

But wa-hey, nothing for it, so here’s the summary of all things Grinn: At her core, Grinn is human, short and stocky and well muscled. Ex-Military. Short brown hair. Green eyes. Covered in scars, including the one on the right side of her mouth, thus the nickname. (She’s very secretive about her real name, as it’s overly feminine and flowery and ridiculous.) Wears heavy plate, wields a large double-bladed axe. She loves drinking, smoking, screwing, and generally living in the moment.

Now: She appears more like a Tiefling. Letting her hair grow out. Curling rams horns (beginning above her temples, not a fan of the brow horns 4th Ed. Tieflings have), much taller (she’s hit 11″…biiiig girl), larger boobs, tiefling tail. Orangish hue to her skin, which has become thicker, almost scale-like. She’s still incredibly muscular.

Grinn has not had an easy life. She fights to obtain what she wants, and revels in her successes.

Her parents were killed by bandits when she was 11, her sister 5. She managed to escape, saving her sister and earning her trademark scar in the process. She comes up with fantastical lies, each different, when someone asks her how she got that scar.  She joined the military at 13 with her uncle’s guidance, adapting and becoming “one of the boys.” She picks up all their bad habits – drinking, smoking cigars, whoring, debauchery. She’s as crass and crude as they come, although over time she’s worked on culturing a political mask for when she does result to diplomacy.

She’s eluded death many times, earning a body full of scars that she wears proudly, trophies proving she’s still alive. She’s not afraid to be naked, because how else can she show off her glorious form? Also, she gets drunk a lot, and doesn’t always remember where her clothes and armor are. She loves to drink and brawl. She’ll never turn down a challenge to prove she’s the strongest around. It sometimes gets her into lots of trouble. She can talk almost anyone into bed with her, despite her rugged appearance. She finds the challenge of bedding someone new exciting. She once slept with a gnome (so she’s been told) but was too drunk to remember it.

She’s fiercely loyal and protective of her friends and family, but she’s slowly coming to the realization that if she is successful in her goal, the consequences being that everyone will move on to whatever awaits them after death and she will lose almost all of her friends and loved ones. She has discovered that the thought of being alone terrifies her almost as much as the thought of all the injustice in the cycle of life and death. She’s near a crossroads, and for once in her life, she doesn’t know which road she will take.

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Author and artist for the Vanity Games webcomic (, a retro-futuristic post-apocalytpic romp through a land of broken science and corrputed magic. A lover of all games, tabletop, board, video, or otherwise, and an avid consumer of nerd / pop culture.

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