GenCon 2012 Wrap Up – The Bounty

Greetings, Gamers!

Another GenCon has faded away, which means it is time for a series of “wrap-up” posts from yours truly. It was no surprise that GenCon was just as awesome as it was last year, but in a few different ways. There’s a lot to cover, so I’ll be breaking up this report into four posts.

The Bounty – Today’s Post – Here I discuss my various acquisitions and the generosity of my fellow convention goers.

The Places – Here I discussed our accommodations, the GenCon facilities, and the general state of the convention as I found it.

The Events – Here I discuss the various games, seminars, & panels I attended at the convention.

The Night Life – Last Time– When the dealer room closes, a whole different GenCon appears. I discuss “GenCon After Dark” here.

Well, before I show you the rich Bounty that seems to always come out of GenCon, I wanted to apologize for the delay in getting this post up. Fall is the busiest season in the DeadOrcs household, and this post got away from me, so I’m a few weeks late!

In addition to catching up with old friends and enjoying great events, there are some great finds at GenCon (remember GenCon, that thing what happened in August?), and many of the items shown below are the result of the generosity of other convention goers. Many of you may remember that for GenCon 2011, I handed out painted Hirst Arts skulls to anyone that wanted to take one. While I had wanted to do that this year, I either got lazy, or the year simply got away from me. Either way, I felt like a bit of schlub, but I was still grateful to receive several things my other (far less lazy friends) were giving away.  What follows are several pics of the bounty I received. Underneath each picture, I will explain what you’re looking at. Hopefully, after nearly two months, I can still remember everything.

 The Purchases

I cannot go to GenCon and not pick up dice. These frosted beauties from Chessex® had a great hand-feel and really unique colors. I fell in love with them.

Picked up the Four Taverns game. Haven’t played it just yet, but I’m looking forward to it. Looks like a nice light-hearted game to pass the time!

I have discovered the wonder of using Gaming Paper for my full color maps. The folks at their booth were really interested to hear that you can use Crayola® Dry Erase crayons on them. Needless to say, I was running out, and GenCon was my opportunity to pick up some more!

The Give Aways

Several groups and individuals were generous this year with offerings of one kind or another. Here are several examples:

My good friends @KatoKatonian and @MerryDragon handed out Eyeglass Repair Kits (known for actually saving the lives of ACTUAL GAMERS). In addition, Kato was kind enough to gift me with a tomb miniature for terrain use. It was pretty awesome.

My fellow podcaster and all great gamer writer, Mike Shea (@SlyFlourish) was kind enough to gift to me a copy of Vaults of the Underdark Map Pack from Wizards of the Coast®. I love these map packs and these should get plenty of use.

I received a very nice goody bag (in the form of an ACTUAL DICE BAG from Dragonchow™) at the GenCon Evening Social. The dice bag had several custom dice from the various pod casts attending the show. as well as a commemorative wrist band. I also received a game token from True Dungeon™, and 4 out of the 6 available dice from various WotC activities. There were also custom dice available from Scotty’s Brewhouse (I received one of them), and @DreadGazeebo (from Obsidian Portal) was generous with a set of d6s from that fine website.  Finally, I ran into @geeksdreamgirl (E. Foley) from ThinkGeek® from who I scored a Lego Mini!

Finally, here’s a pic of another fun WotC give away. In one of their rooms, they were doing a crafting activity. You could build a Fire Dragon (Lil’ Flame) or Lolth cardstock figure. I snagged one of each, and they now sit (fully constructed) on my desk.

Well, that’s about all I have to report and all I have to report from GenCon 2012. I’m looking forward to seeing all you gamers at the Convention next year!

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Part idiot. Part old man. All geek. R.M. Walker, who can be found in numerous places on the internet as “DeadOrcs”, is a long time gamer with some 30 years experience playing RPGs. Despite occasional forays into the bizarre, Randall has always come back to Dungeons & Dragons.

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R.M. Walker, who can be found in numerous places on the internet as “DeadOrcs”, is a long time gamer with some 30 years experience playing RPGs. Despite occasional forays into the bizarre, Randall has always come back to Dungeons & Dragons.

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