Matthew A. Cicci

Matt has been gaming since 2nd edition. He’s been fortunate enough to play with a fairly stable group for the entirety of that time; together they’ve braved 3 editions of D&D, hacked the mainframe in Shadowrun, fought 4-color villains in the Marvel Universe RPG, and drained a city of blood in Vampire: The Masquerade. Sure, there has been a few one-shots interspersed, but those games are the formative systems for Matt.

Matt is a college instructor and aspiring writer. He’s published poetry, short fiction, and presented the most arcane academic texts at conferences. He’s also published in the gaming industry; the highlight here being the Ennie-mentioned Fey Folio (4e).

He continues to pursue writing, and he has a some material (Pathfinder & 4e) in the works. When not sending in short stories to magazines or fretting over his next query, Matt takes great pleasure in the company of his too-lovely wife and his too-cute basset hound.