Michael M. (The Id DM)

The Id DM (Michael)
Michael is a licensed psychologist with numerous professional journal articles and book chapters to his credit. In recent years, he has placed psychological research and writing on a back burner to focus on clinical practice.

Michael combined his psychological interests with his desire to continue writing in some capacity to
create a blog, The Id DM. The blog was initially started to provide further information in the form of hard data to the continuing comment that combat in Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition lasts too long. He analyzed podcasts from the Penny Arcade/PvP Podcast Series and found numerous interesting results.

The early articles on The Id DM garnered attention from other gamers who appreciated the data and a new voice in the blogging community. Michael was invited to write articles for the gaming website, Stuffer Shack, and continues to contribute to the Game Night Blog Carnival through another gaming website, Roving Band of Misfits. He previously won a Solo Monster encounter design contest run through another blog, A Walk in the Dark. He humbly accepted the opportunity to write a monthly column for MyRPGame.

He continues to publish articles on his blog weekly, including an interview series titled Ego Check. Michael has interviewed a range of unique and interesting people in the gaming world on topics including sexism, third-party publishing, game-master skills and podcasting. The bulk of his blog is focused on D&D 4th Edition, although several articles are applicable to other roleplaying games. Michael’s background as a psychologist comes through more forcefully in articles examining a theory or research finding from the world of psychology and applying it to roleplaying games.

Michael currently DMs a homebrew campaign for D&D 4th Edition every other Friday. On the alternate Saturdays, he plays in a different D&D 4th Edition campaign. When not working, writing or playing D&D, Michael spends his time following sports, watching movies, playing videogames, spending time with friends and, most importantly, hanging out with his wife of over seven years. Michael is also the proud parent of a Shih Tzu by the name of Yavin.