Introducing Ishmael I mean Brent.

Call me Brent. I moved to Portland from central California about a year and a half ago on a whim. I live with several roommates in a show house where we throw garage concerts with all of our goof-punk friends. I’m a vegan, an amateur gardener, and I love greasy breakfasts. I just bought a bike which helps me fight the physical atrophy brought on by working tech support. Also, I am a staunch proponent of booze, and booze related activities. Basically, this place is Brentopia, and I’m insanely happy that I moved here. Oh, and I’m a huge nerd.

T’Charr is a 6 foot tall collection of glowing, green crystals in the shape of a man, and an enthusiastic Artificer. He has the type of leather outfit and goggles that would make the steam-punk kids at Renaissance Festivals blush with envy, and is constantly tinkering with his clockwork contraptions (or anything else that looks like it could be taken apart and put back together). The world is still moderately fresh and new to him, since he has only been “awake” for about 5 years. His crystalline face is quick to smile, and he’ll often extend a telepathic, “Hello,” and a handshake to those around him, even if they aren’t quite sure what to make of a collection of luminous shards that are reaching toward them and speaking in their minds…