Jeff P.

This is Jeff

Jeff is a baker at an all-vegan bakery in Portland OR. Jeff plays too much World of Warcraft. Jeff likes to brew his own beer and bake his own bread. Jeff likes to ride bikes and laugh at the rain. Jeff buys a new set of dice for every new character that he plays.

Jeff’s Character is Pock:

Pock is a young gnome who was abandoned by his parents and taken in by an elderly Eladrin wizard who taught him some things about magic (most of which he promptly forgot when something shiny crossed his path). He is possessed of a brilliant impulsiveness that comes off as charming more often than annoying. His ideas are always rational, but not always the most practical due to how far out of the box he goes. Pock gets bored when something he’s already figured out takes too long, but maintains interest as long as there’s an unknown aspect that he still needs to figure out. Hopefully his other party members can keep his impulsiveness in check somewhat.