This is Nick.

My name is Nick. I moved here four years ago from California; before that I lived 8 years in Boston. I’m an architect and spend my free time gardening, working on my house, and spending time with my wife and daughter. I also volunteer as a puppeteer in local schools and enjoy camping and backpacking.

Gorrwynn was my first character in this campaign. He was an elderly gnome who practiced a strange mixture of arcane and primal magic. He was lazy and traveled on a strange magical chair. Gorrwynn fell in battle and was left behind by the party.


Ashar is a member of one of the barbarian tribes of the Demon Wastes. He is strong and wiry, with dark bronze skin and black hair tied in a queue. Golden runes are etched across his skin. A wizard visiting the tribe noticed these runes and encouraged Ashar to become his pupil. Ashar agreed and followed the man back to civilization. The wizard is a prelate in the Church of the Silver Flame, and Ashar splits his time between apprenticeship and undertaking special missions for the Church.

Gorrwynn (deceased)

What if you could move objects, including yourself, with a wave of your hand? What if you could consult the wisdom of the universe when making even the most mundane decision? How different would your everyday life be?

Gorrwynn is lazy. He’s a little older than most gnomes you see on the road, but his eyes shine bright with curiosity. He was born in Zilargo and grew up in a life saturated with magic. Despite obvious aptitude he never summoned the discipline to enroll in the academy (declaring it too “theoretical”) and decided to teach himself the wizardly arts. As a result, there are some significant holes in his skill-set. His one coup was the synthesis of a ritual that granted him access to the spirit world. After performing this ritual on himself Gorrwynn found he could not only perceive and converse with the spirits all around, but he could create what he terms “arcane constructs” that allow the spirits to briefly enter the physical world. As a conjurer without peer, Gorrwynn has struck out into the world to demonstrate the power of his new, “practical” school of magic.