Rob T.

Meet Rob

Rob T. (32) recently returned to Portland after a 12 year sojourn to Seattle. Nerd gaming seemed like the quickest way to start meeting like minded nerds in a new city so he dived right into a few games. At the moment he is enjoying exploring the city, meeting new folks, biking (as opposed to driving), spending time closer to family and figuring out where to get the best coffee in town. His character, Scan, is a bit of a stretch for him, as “it” is both a warforged with a female persona and a serious case of memory loss.

Rob’s character is Scan.

Scan (Warforged Assassin) regained consciousness at the bottom of a ravine among the wreckage of boxes of various goods. Her dark metallic torso lay partially within a velvet lined oaken casket, the lid lying some distance away. Sturdy locks still hung from the lid. “She” made a brief survey of her surroundings then made her way to the top of the ravine, a task which would have proved impossible for a less naturally athletic creature.

At the top she found the moldering corpses of what appeared to common traders and their guards. There was evidence of more bodies being dragged off into the woods – carrion eaters? Scan was still surveying the scene and the wreckage below as the sun approached its zenith, something like instinct (or protocol) moving her to take what she could from the remaining wreckage at the bottom of the ravine. Among these she found a crate with black leather armor and a cloak with a bold symbol on the back – a silver arrow containing flames embroidered in black thread – and a massive scimitar. “Armed and armored,” she whispered to herself as she wrapped her 5 digits around the pommel of the fullblade. She set off in no direction in particular.

A day’s travel brought her to the edge of civilization. As she explored the small town she followed impulses that drew her to certain shops, some without names. In some she made small purchases from small back rooms. Left with not much money, but the tools of a dubious trade, she wondered what to do next.