Recap 5-17-10

From the journal of Pock

Day 3, or somewhere thereabouts

We got back to the entrance of the bandits’ underground complex only to find Big Nasty at the entrance waiting for us. Through stealth and clever use of my innate illusionistic abilities, we managed to get the drop on them, and quickly took our revenge. As we cleaned up the bodies, an elderly gnome came into the clearing, riding on a chair that is apparently propelled by magic spirits. Barum, the captain of the guard back in Hommlet, sent him to look for us and give us assistance if necessary, so we let him follow us as we went back below-ground.

Delving back into the hideout, we were once again accosted by nemeses in the room with the runed floor, which seems to have been repaired, since we attempted to disable it the last time we came through. This time we were better prepared, and were able to, in some cases, use the trap against the bandits, swapping locations and psyches with them. They became disoriented enough that, once their boss ran deeper into the complex, the brutes themselves shut off the floor and went toe to toe with us. This proved to be a fatal mistake for them, as we quickly took them down.

Eventually, we made it back to the room where we’d previously met our “demise”. More goblins were stationed here, as well as a half-orc archer and some other bandits of little note. The most troublesome of the bunch was a goblin spell caster, but after backing him into a corner and threatening him with signs and gestures, the adept acquiesced to our demands for information, and pointed the way to where the stone box is being kept. Hopefully it won’t be long now before we find the box and get it back to Barum.