Recap 5-24-10

<T’Charr’s player was missing for this adventure>

A brief inspection of the remainder of the room revealed parties personal effects stashed in some storage rooms. Now re-equipped, the party considered their captive; caution (or compassion?) spared its life. The goblin was left tied up in a dark storage closet with T’Charr standing guard.

T’Charr stayed back to guard the goblin mage, while Pock, Gorrwynn and Scan scouted out the passages ahead. They followed a series of turns in hopes of catching up to distant sounds. The noises proved to be illusory so they turned back and soon arrived at a dead-end. A survey of the walls suggested the blank stone wall was a hidden door, but no handles or latches were apparent. Casting his senses into the stones themselves Gorrwynn asked the spirits of the dungeon how they party could pass. A small elemental told him where to look and the party soon found themselves in a large chamber, facing the well garbed woman and a pair of robed humans.

As soon as the trio entered the room the strangely garbed women walked back through a set of doors on the far end of the room, sealing the exit behind them.

A single massive symbol dominated the floor of the room. Four braziers were positioned equally around the circular inscription. Hesitant to step on the rune, Scan attempted to open the doors and pursue the woman but found no lock to pick or handles to pull. Tiring quickly of the delay, Pock brazenly pushed the four pillars into the center of the room and, with a click, the doors opened. The party shared a laugh at Scan’s unnecessary caution.

Pock and Scan were set upon immediately as they entered the next chamber, which was quite large. Crossbows twanged from their left and out of site, but none found Pock’s back as he charged the robed women and their well dressed leader. A series of quick strikes with his sword found the “leader” laying face down on the ground. Sensing they had misjudged the situation they party turned their attention to the far end of the room.

A pair of goblins reloaded their crossbows while another stood before a large blue rune, which glowed brightly. A second rune, this one bright red, was on the opposite wall. Between the runes a large stone box rested before a swirling wall of energy. The unarmed goblin chanted intensely and then released his spell. The portal flared brightly.

The party launched themselves back into the fight. Gorrwynn summoned a power spirit creature into the room, a molten armored beetle that moved about the room wreaking havoc. Scan attempted to flank a series of foes while Pock finished off a few more.

Having broken the first line of defense, the party charged the portal guards, too quickly perhaps. The two crossbowmen had turned to shove the box through the portal. Scan was thrown to the ground by a powerful wave of energy that struck Pock as well. Then a pair of skulking goblins appeared from behind a crate. Surrounded and with their mission in jeopardy the adventurers attempted to pull the enemies back. Strands of shadow and lightning shot out from the swordsmen and pulled the goblins away from the portal.

At that moment the goblins chanter released another spell and the portal flared a second time, resolving into a solid portal of sending. Gorrwynn summoned another spirit between the box and the goblins, but one of them still managed to give a box a final shove. With that the goblins all fled through the portal.

Pock flew into action. In an act of shear arcane genius he managed to work out the runes flow, keeping the portal open for a few more seconds. It was just enough time for the party to charge through after their mark. Where would the portal take them?

Two arrows whistled past Scans head as she arrived ahead of Gorrwynn and Pock. She was in a large chamber with three barred chambers to her left, two rows of benches to her right and a single open door, guarded by two archers. The menacing figure in black burnished armor to her left was pushing the box across the room. A hobgoblin in clothe shuffled papers around a desk. Their goblins enemies were gone.

The portal abruptly winked out as her companions arrived, T’Charr stuck back in the dungeon. A short and brutal battle ensued as the party attempted to escape the room. Scan faded from site while Gorrwynn’s chair carried him swiftly around the back of the chamber towards the exit. Pock, guarding their retreat charged the archers.

A massive blast of shadow energy struck them in their backs as they ran. Pock took a series of shots from the archers and a strange bolt of energy from the hobgoblin official. He dropped heavily to the ground in from of the exit. Gorrwynn cast a quick incantation and his companion stood up again, his mind clear and ready for the fight once again. The spirit beetle downed one of the archers, opening the way to escape.

It was too late though. Pock fell again to a viscous strike from the black armored creature. Desperate, Scan rushed out of the room and cast a strand of shadow out, jerking Pock past the remaining archer, and then picked him up. She looked back to see if Gorrwynn had followed but all she heard were his cries as the black knight slammed the doors shut behind her.

A sense of dread of settled over Scan. Pock lay unconscious in her arms. Gorrwynn was trapped inside. Had her cowardice killed him?

Scan knew she had to find help for the one friend she could still serve. Hating the decision, she stepped away from the keep and through an outer wall into a settlement that seemed vaguely familiar. Nothing specific, but the order of the place, the clothing, the dialects she heard, all struck a chord. A few questions brought her to the doors of a temple. Its doors were emblazoned with an large symbol – a single flaming arrowhead. She had found a Temple of the Silver Flame.

Inside the mysterious keep Gorrwynn took his last breaths, the spirits in the room swimming before his eyes. More floated out of the walls and approached him as if sensing his imminent arrival in their realm.