Recap 6-21-10

Excerpt from the journal of Pock

In retrospect, perhaps I should have been more wary of so much gold being offered for so little actual work. But the old gnome (Arasmus, he told me, a scholar from the university) said he had information about the amulet that has been with me since I was found on the road. I had to take that chance, right?

A simple ritual, untested. We were to test it. Eight hundred gold pieces EACH was offered. It was easy enough to convince T’charr to help, though neither of us fully understood the arcane formulas on the scroll. He seems to be as intrigued by the unknown as I am. Ashar seemed to have some misgivings, but came along anyway. He’s still a mystery to me, but I feel like he came along to protect us. I could be wrong. His face is…inscrutable, and he has primitive ways that don’t always make sense to me.

Regardless, we went the appointed place and time and T’charr began to read from the scroll. My first inkling that all was not right was when I noticed the Hoarfrost fog rolling in through the streets of the small abandoned town towards us. I’d read about it in the past, but never seen it myself. According to Master Klenath’s books, Hoarfrost is a herald of approaching undead, perhaps caused by a weakness between our realm and the Shadowfell, though the author was unclear on the actual origin. It was not long after that that a horde of undead began to converge, apparently on our location. I can only guess that our ritual disturbed the slumber of a truly massive number of corpses in the area, because no matter how many of the rotting heaps we put down, there was always another behind it. As I write this entry, we have barricaded ourselves inside one of the only remaining buildings in town, an inn. Our only hope at this point lies in the rays of the morning sun. If morning fails to put an end to this shambling army, I’m afraid this entry will be my last.

If you are reading this journal, found amidst the dusty wreckage of an inn in a small abandoned town, please try and find Arasmus, though I am guessing now that it is a false name. Find him, tell him what his ritual has done, and slap him across the face for me.